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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

4 Tips on How to Wear Jumpsuits for Short Ladies

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4 Tips on How to Wear Jumpsuits for Short Ladies by @TheGracefulMist ( featuring Jumpsuits (Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Skin Care and Travel Blog)
4 Tips on How to Wear Jumpsuits for Short Ladies

     Jumpsuits are typically a one piece clothing item which is originally used by skydivers or parachuters. However, in the fashion world, it can also refer to a one-piece or two-piece garment with a cohesive design from top to bottom. They come in different colors, designs, patterns and form.

     Jumpsuits is also one of the trickiest clothing items a short lady can wear. It can give a woman`s body the illusion of either short or tall frame and slim or plump built. The key to wearing jumpsuits regardless of body height and shape is getting the right jumpsuit appropriate for your body and style. - Y & M - Gray Plain Short Sleeve V Neck Jumpsuit

Tips in Wearing Jumpsuits for Short Ladies:

1.) One Solid Color Jumpsuit - Multiflora - Crew Neck Casual Short Sleeve Pockets Jumpsuit
     Jumpsuits with animal or floral prints and colors overlapping may look messy. A simple jumpsuit with only one color will give the illusion of elongated frame making a woman look taller. The continuous color can create a slimmer form and silhouette while too many colors can break a silhouette. A color closest to one`s skin color, Khaki for example, works great because it will add help to the illusion of elongation by letting the clothing blend a bit to the skin.

2.) Vertical-Striped Jumpsuits
StyleWe.comBlack Short Sleeve Crew Neck Two Piece Stripes Jumpsuit

     Vertical striped pants can make a woman look taller. The vertical lines at the top to the bottom can elongate the legs. As much as possible, avoid any other pattern or prints and fashion accessories that will clash the vertical stripes.

3.) Shorter Top and High Waist Pants Dark Blue Crew Neck Casual Two Piece Pockets Jumpsuits

     A shorter top paired with high-waisted pants will make the legs look longer. If the jumpsuit has capri pants, it must have a straight cut that ends at a slim part of the lower leg because capri pants that flares at the bottom will give the illusion of shorter, chubbier or wider legs. A one solid color jumpsuit with short top and high-waist capri pants like StyleWe`s Dark Blue Crew Neck Casual Two Piece Pockets Jumpsuit is great for ladies with a shorter frame.

4.) Wear Kitten Heels

     Wearing heels is one of the ways to really boost the height. Kitten heels complement almost any type of jumpsuit. They typically have only about 1-2 inches heel height which makes them comfortable and great to wear. The heels are neither too small nor too high.

     Avoid heels with ankle straps or other straps because it will cut the flow of your whole form. Choose shoes with a lower cut because the entire outfit will look more sophisticated if the ankles and tops of the feet are shown. Just as jumpsuits are better without much prints clashing at each other, avoid shoes that have too much design and accessories. Also, make sure that the heels also match the jumpsuit`s color as this will make your entire form look cohesive and sleek.

All in all, jumpsuits are great clothing pieces to wear. Jumpsuits which have one solid color, vertical stripes and/or high-waist pants will look amazing on short ladies. Regardless of body shape, height and size, jumpsuits can flatter any body type if worn appropriately.

Which jumpsuit is your favorite? Do you have any tips on how to wear jumpsuits? You may share them in the comments` section below. 


Beauty can only be found in a lady with a beautiful heart. In some ways, clothes might represent a part of us. However, clothes does not define you but rather you define your clothes.

Have a beautiful and blessed day!

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