Saturday, January 12, 2019

Grace's Open Book: I Only Wish

Grace's Open Book: I Only Wish (Diary by Kathryn Grace at
Grace's Open Book: I Only Wish
It was supposed to be a day of celebration, why did it become a day I now regret so much? I only wish it didn't happen. I only wish I can die and live again. I wish I can erase everything and ease this burden I'm feeling. Now, I only wish.

I only wish I wasn't alone and sad. I only wish I endured the depression and pain. I only wish I wasn't too independent. I only wish everything was perfect. I only wish.

Wishing is all I can do right now because all that I wish for exist in fantasies only. Praying for the future is what keeps me going strong despite this huge burden on my shoulders. May the Universe conspire the world to give me a better future because I feel like the future I used to always anticipate is now gone.

I only wish things were perfect. Now, my entire world has collapsed. My entire future has been demolished by my own thoughlessness. If I could just go back and turn things around. Because right now, I just want to vanish. Maybe, by then, I'll sincerely be happy. I only wish things were different. Now, I can only wish.

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