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Thursday, August 14, 2014

5 Great Lessons I Learned during My Freshman Year in College

College as a whole was very different from what I was used to. It was refreshing and exciting but it was concerning. The processes and routes in it was baffling to me but despite this, I was able to realize many things. As I was going through my freshman days, I learned many lessons applicable to the realities of life. And for this post, I`ll share 5 out of the many good things I came to know.

1.) Independence and initiative is a necessity.

In college, instructors, guardians or counselors won`t always remind you to do important tasks. You have to know your way around and the whereabouts of the school. In this case, being independent can be a great thing. Independence doesn`t mean that one doesn`t need help. Having independence is having the responsible and mature attitude that you can do things without depending most of the things to another person. You should have the initiative to do things as needed.

When you`re at school, it doesn`t mean you have to keep to yourself. You just have to be aware that you are now on your own and you won`t be treated like a young child anymore. People in college will most likely view you as a grown-up person.

2.) Communication is vital.

Communication with other people in college is very important. By talking with others, you`ll be able to gain more knowledge about the whereabouts of the school and their programs, organizations, classes and events.