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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

5 Tips on How to Choose a Prom Dress

5 Tips on How to Choose a Prom Dress - Promenade - Prom Dresses Gowns 2017 - 2018 - by @TheGracefulMist ( Top Blogs and Websites in the Philippines Beauty, Books, Fashion, Health, Lifestyle and Travel #TopFashionBlogsinthePhilippines #TopLifestyleBlogsinthePhilippines
"5 Tips on How to Choose a Prom Dress" by @TheGracefulMist (

Prom is an event many high school students look forward to. Wearing the appropriate prom dresses is usually one of the biggest highlights of this event besides the dance and social experience.

Choosing the appropriate prom dress might be very helpful in getting the dress that'll further bring out your beauty and confidence. Here are some tips that might give you ideas and help you choose your prom dress:

1. Get the appropriate size that fits well.
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Don't get a size less than what you are if you're thinking you might lose weight. It's easier to have a dress a little bit bigger than a dress that don't actually fit. If you ever need a smaller size, you can still wear the dress or have it tailored.

Also, don't get a size way bigger than your actual size unless necessary. If you need a bit of allowance, just size up a bit but don't overdo it. You might not need to get a dress 2 or more sizes up. Just 1 size up can be helpful if you really want a bigger dress because you can still modify the dress using pins to fit you well. Getting a dress 2 or more sizes up might require you to get it professionally tailored because it might not be possible to modify it by just pins.

2. Choose a Form-fitting Silhouette
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There are many different types of bodies and dress silhouettes. Choosing the appropriate silhouette for your body type is another important factor that can help you choose your dress. Dresses with an A-line silhouette tend to further accentuate and bring out beautiful curves with almost any body type. A-line dresses, whether short or long, often give a very form fitting and elegant silhouette.

3. Be mindful of the prom theme, neckline and length of the dress.
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One of the main factors in choosing a dress should be the prom theme. The accessories, length and style of the dress should match the theme.

For the length of the dress, make sure to adhere to school rules. There are some schools that decide whether the prom for their students should be semi-formal or formal. If your prom is semi-formal, it usually means you have to choose a dress that is knee-length but if it`s formal, it usually means you can wear a long dress or gown.

A sweetheart neckline can add a sweet and young vibe to your dress. It's cute and adds a bit of design to the dress especially if it's really simple. On the other hand, a v neckline can give the dress some angle that can also complement a person with a round face. Choosing the appropriate style of neckline can make a difference on how you can customize, style and accessorize your dress.

4. Choose a Versatile Dress
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Regardless whether it's a semi-formal or formal dress, choosing a prom dress that's versatile allows you to reuse the gown again for future events. Neutral shades like white, black and beige are great because they can match almost any jewelry and shoes. These types of colors or shades are usually not too flashy allowing you to reuse it again for possible events. Also, choosing a dress that's not too exposing, bold and accessorized gives you more freedom and possibilities to modify the dress because it has more coverage, cloth and simple design.

5. Choose High Quality yet Affordable Dresses.
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Prom is an important high school experience for many high school students. When choosing your prom dress, make sure that you only buy what you can afford for a dress. Prom might be fun but going broke because of a dress might not be.

There are many beautiful and good quality dresses that you can rent or buy without having to forego some necessities just to have a dress. You can utilize the internet to search for good deals or dresses for rent that you can afford.

Having the appropriate size, and choosing an affordable, good quality, versatile and form-fitting silhouette that also follows the prom theme are just some tips that might help ease some of the confusions or uncertainties you may have with the great number of available dresses to choose from online and in physical stores.

Knowing that you are unique and beautiful is extremely important. Being confident in what you are and what you have allows you to truly present the real you.

Remember: A lady is not merely beautiful by what she wears but by how she graces herself no matter the circumstances she's in.

What do you think of these tips? Do you have any tips on how to choose dresses, find good stores and great deals? You may share your tips and thoughts in the comments' section below.

Have a beautiful and blessed day!

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