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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Level Up your Cool and Unique Skills with Gancube this Quarantine!

Level Up your Cool and Unique Skills with Gancube this Quarantine! (by The Graceful Mist | - Speedcubing for Beginners - Lifestyle Article by top Filipina blogger, Kathryn Grace
Level Up your Cool and Unique Skills with Gancube this Quarantine! (by The Graceful Mist |

How are you holding up? 

The quarantine has been dragging, but it's better than going out prematurely. Now is the best moment to spend time with your loved ones or with yourself. Learn or hone new skills so when the pandemic is over, you'll go out feeling satisfied with your newly upgraded know-how. 

Have you ever checked your old childhood boxes lately? I remember going with my mother and asking her to buy me a Rubik's cube. I could pass the time by being productive and learning how to solve the puzzle. Years later, I'm still unable to solve the puzzle, so I did some research to finally have all sides of the cube the same color again. While researching, I came across Gancube and speedcubing that I would like to search with all of you:


I recently discovered Gancube, a shop for all your speedcubing needs. What is speedcubing? It's sports that aim to solve a variety of complex puzzles for the shortest amount of time. As of the moment, Yusheng Du is the fastest Rubik's cube solver at 3.47 seconds. 

Cubing is a hobby that many young kids and adults alike found both challenging and fascinating. Solving a Rubik's cube exercises the mind to find and use the most logical and mathematically possible way to solve the cube. Hence, it's often called a "smart" game that many can enjoy. You also don't need to spend a ton of money because of the low cost of items or tools you need to have. 


Having a good 2x2 or 3x3 Gancube is essential for you to lessen the time of solving it. Did you know that the founder of Gancube is Mr. Gan-Yuan Jiang, the speedcubing pioneer in China? No wonder Feliks Zemdegs broke the world's record back in 2018 using the GAN 356 Air, solving it at 4.73 seconds!

So, how do you get started with speedcubing? Check out the bestselling and innovative cubes from Gancube. 

The Best Gancube Products to Get:

Level Up your Cool and Unique Skills with Gancube this Quarantine! (by The Graceful Mist | | GAN 356 i play 2

The Gan 356 XS Magnetic Speed Cube has charging capabilities that you'll know if its light is flashing. Once it's fully charged, the light will stay on. You also don't need to charge it often because one fully charged speed cube can last for up to eight days!

You can take advantage of the Cube Station App, where you can check your skills` analysis every day. It's also beginner-friendly because of artificial intelligence that'll guide you on how you can easily play speedcubing at home. 

Level Up your Cool and Unique Skills with Gancube this Quarantine! (by The Graceful Mist | | GAN 356 XS Magnetic Speed Cube


If you're looking for a lightweight cube, then the GAN 356 XS Magnetic Speed Cube might match you! You can customize your cube that fits your game better. It also has a frosted plastic exterior that protects it from unnecessary and unwanted scratches. 

One of the most remarkable features of this specific Gancube is its magnetism. You can adjust the level of magnetism, and it has precise settings that you can change for the compression and tension. 

Level Up your Cool and Unique Skills with Gancube this Quarantine! (by The Graceful Mist | | GAN 251 M

Can you believe that the Gan 251M weighs only 51 grams? It's not called "premium lightweight" without a qualifying reason. It has a durable core and consistent weight on all sides. 

The two versions are the sticker and stickerless versions. Most cubers prefer the stickerless one because of its matte and sandy feel, but it's slightly heavier at 55 grams. On the other hand, some cubers prefer the sticker version. It is the original design, but some say that it works better for solving the puzzle the fastest. 

Level Up your Cool and Unique Skills with Gancube this Quarantine! (by The Graceful Mist | | GAN Pyraminx Magnetic

You can choose from the explorer, standard and enhanced core positioning edition for less than $30. Checking out the Youtube reviews of the GAN Pyraminx M will show you its unique features like the smooth turns, unlike the snaps you get with the usual magnetic cubes. 

Like with the other Gancube products, you can adjust the GAN Pyraminx M according to your preference. It comes in great packaging with all the tools you need for personalization. 

Level Up your Cool and Unique Skills with Gancube this Quarantine! (by The Graceful Mist | | GAN 11 M Pro

For just under $80, you can get one of the lightest and most integrated cubes in the market. You can choose either soft cubing with a delicate and rubbery texture or speedcubing with a UV-coated surface. 

The GAN 11 M Pro is specially designed for professional use with its lightweight, compact, and twenty-four different tunings you can do. You can also stabilize the structure for a more speedy game. 

The 2x2 or 3x3 cubes not enough for a highly intellectual person like you? At 113 grams, the GAN Megaminx is probably one of the most complex puzzles I`ve seen. It`s the first ever megaminx designed by GAN. 

If you aren`t familiar with this, it`s dodecahedron-shaped that will surely make the pandemic days faster for you, trying to solve a complicated puzzle like this. Despite its size and weight, it`s still considered lightweight for with magnetic positioning for easy turns. 

The GAN 357 is a 3x3 cubes with a transparent core. It`s currently one of the cheapest and most perfect product for beginners like me. At roughly less than $20, you can get yourself a well-designed Gancube item that has a smooth rotation corners so you can solve the puzzle faster. 


You've probably heard about this kind of sporting event on the side but have not invested much time knowing about the game. Surprisingly, if you watch speedcubing on YouTube, you'll be genuinely amazed by the contestants' skill, intellect, and speed. It is an exciting sport that requires visual perception, muscle memory, concentration, and a lot of patience, especially when you're learning how to speed cube for the first time! 


Gancube often posts relevant and exciting news about their newest products with top-of-the-line features that are both innovative and advanced. You can check out their website at for their recent updates. 

You can also learn more about speedcubing through relevant sites like: 

• Redkb 


Some people might think that it's a silly game to play while bored, but that's way far from the truth. Solving a Rubik's cube or a Gancube has many benefits that can:

• Keep the mind active
• Improves finger dexterity
• Helps improve problem-solving skills
• Improves spatial intelligence
• Develop better hand and eye coordination
• Improves cognitive skills
• Helps you to strategize better

These are tremendous benefits that can help your brain process information and problems more manageable. Most of all, solving Rubik's cube is both fun and satisfying. 


I found out that they ship almost anywhere in the world with free standard shipping! If you want priority shipping, you need to add a few bucks so you can get your Gancube at the soonest possible time. If you`re in the Philippines and you want to get your Gancube in as early as around three business days, adding $11 would definitely be worth it! You can read more about how they ship their amazing products on the Gancube website

Some people might think that an extraordinary brand like Gancube will offer out-of-reach products with high mark-up. Thankfully, Gancube is a globe leader in ensuring that speedcubers all around the world have access to modern and inventive Rubik's cube that will help them become the best! All products go through strict quality assurance with professional certificates to ensure that you're already winning with the cube you're holding. 

Have you tried solving a Rubik`s cube before? What do you think of speedcubing? 

You may share your thoughts in the comments section below. If you have any comments, questions, requests, and/or suggestions, you may leave them all in the comments section below! 

Have a blessed and beautiful day, everyone! 

With Love, 


Disclaimer: The photos are from and  They were used with permission. Any or all opinions on this post are mine. This post was written with utmost honesty and sincerity.

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