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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Do-It-Yourself: Recycled Bows

Do-It-Yourself - Recycled Bows (Review at
Do-It-Yourself - Recycled Bows (Review at

Bows have been very popular for the past few years. They can differ by their colors, sizes, designs and arrangements. They come in different varieties with an even broader possibilities of designs. 

Creating one at home is essential in personalizing your own accessories. In creating a do-it-yourself bow, it will only require a few materials depending on your preferences. You may use an unusable headband like I did below.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Help For Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Victims

The super typhoon Haiyan also known as Yolanda in the Philippines brought terrible destruction to many provinces and cities in the Philippines. The number of unattached, misplaced, and injured is said to be in millions. The confirmed deaths has also been reported to be about 4,000. In times like this, every small act of care to the people who had been affected negatively is very much appreciated. 

Many local and foreign governments, companies, institutions, and organizations have pledged their donations. Even though, many of them still needs the help of the volunteers for the repacking and management of relief goods.

The other day (November 18, 2013), volunteers worked to help repack and arrange the relief goods for the victims of the super typhoon Haiyan at Ateneo De Manila University`s covered courts. The volunteers waited for their turns to help and work in the process of regulating the goods. Even though most of the volunteers waited hours for their turn to help, a lot of them seemed happy to wait, cooperate and work together with other volunteers. The management of repacking and arranging the goods was systematized and orderly. This is the reason why many volunteers even waited for their turns to work. There, they aimed for finishing 80,000 repacked relief goods. At the time, the finished goods were already at around 60,000. A lot of them worked all night until noon yesterday.

At Bayanihan Express Repacking Center

Moreover, there was also a "Bayanihan Express Repacking Center" at Camp Aguinaldo joined by 
elementary, high school and college students, instructors, military authorities and others. The process wasn`t as formal as the works at Ateneo De Manila University but the works for repacking the goods finished in the afternoon without the volunteers having to sacrifice a part of their time doing almost nothing. 

(Photos were taken at Camp Crame: These photos were taken when the repacking of goods were almost done.)
At Bayanihan Express Repacking Center.
At Bayanihan Express Repacking Center.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Enjoyable Do-It-Yourself Activity: Mould and Paint Glitter Fairy | Plaster Fridge Magnets and Badges | Moulding and Painting Kit

Enjoyable Activity Fairies Magnets and Badges Mould and Paint Glitter Fairy Plaster Fridge Magnets and Badges Moulding and Painting Kit Do It Yourself Project Arts, Beauty, Books, Crafts, DIY, Fashion, Health, Life, Lifestyle, Style, and Travel Blog/Website by @TheGracefulMist ( - Filipino - Filipina - Blogger - Website - Quezon City - Metro Manila - Bloggers - Philippines
For this post, I`m going to share a fun activity I did a few months ago. It`s the “Mould and Paint Glitter Fairy Plaster Fridge Magnets and Badges Moulding and Painting Kit.” Unfortunately, I can`t illustrate the whole process but there are very helpful readings you can find in the instruction materials. Also, I apologize because I do not know where you can acquire this kit because I got it as a gift a few years ago. Nevertheless, I wanted to share this because it might give you ideas of fun activities you can engage yourselves in.First of all, this activity is very easy to do with the help of the package`s instruction materials.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sip Milk Tea - Chocolate Milk Tea

Hello dear readers!

Chocolate Milk Tea with Pink Straw
"Sip Milk Tea" is a store that mainly sells beverages with tea, hence the store`s name. As of now, it has more than 7 branches in the Philippines. One of the items that can be found in their menu is the "Chocolate Milk Tea." This kind of drink is new to my tastes therefore its aftertaste has taken me aback. 

"Chocolate Milk Tea" was served with ice cubes and pearls inside. The additional mixes like the pearls are based on the customers` preferences. It was enclosed by a plastic covering made possible by a specific machine. They had different colors of straws like pink, yellow, and blue. The price range of their products can be considered as affordable. The young-looking store has a nice vibe of atmosphere with air-conditioning. It depicted cute and fun-looking figures. It is a small store with free wireless fidelity (WiFi). It is located inside a mall.