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Friday, November 6, 2015

Sip - Hazelnut Milk Tea

Hello readers!

Sip Philippines - Hazelnut Milk Tea Review (
Sip Philippines - Hazelnut Milk Tea Review (

I recently headed to one of my favorite milk tea stores, Sip. This time, I tried their Hazelnut Milk Tea. It has a taste that somehow reminds me of Milo. Its flavor is quite similar to their Chocolate Milk Tea. The store, a small place located in the middle of a busy and crowded mall was nice and welcoming. Despite the existing noise outside, it`s still quite a good place to study, work, or meet with friends. It has a bright interior design which resonates a cheerful atmosphere. It`s definitely a good place to go if you`ve been feeling quite isolated at home since you can do your school or work related tasks there, and bring your personal gadgets. (To see photos of the store, you may click here.)