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Friday, November 27, 2020

The Graceful Mist Reads: End World, Capital Run #9 (Book Review)

I. Title of the Novel
End World, Capital Run #9 (1988)

II. Author
David L. Robbins

III. Short background information about the author
David "Dave" Larence Robbins is an American author and was born in Southeastern Pennsylvania. He is a writer, outdoorsman, and broadcaster. He writes both fiction and non-fiction books and his writing has been critically praised by the Pulp Rack, among others. He is perhaps best known for two current long-running series, the "Wilderness". and the "End World". He has also written hundreds of books under his own name and many pen names. At age seventeen, he enlisted in the armed forces, and after serving overseas, he returned to travel through America. David Robbins is acquiring a devoted core of the readers who enjoy his finely crafted tales of adventure, romance, mystery, and excitement.

IV. Main Characters
A. Protagonists
Blade, Hickok, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, and Lexine.

Blade and Hickok are warriors. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is also a warrior, and a skilled martial artist, "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi`s skills as a martial artist was renowned, the tales of his exploits matched or surpassed by only a few of the warriors: Blade, Geronimo, Yama, and definitely Hickok." (This line can be seen on page 30.) Lexine was once one of the Leather Knights, but she didn`t like the way women ruled over men, and so she quit and was labelled "traitor" by the Leather Knights. (The lines that can prove this is on page 163 and was also mentioned on the answer in the question "If you were in the shoes of the characters, who would it be? Why?")

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Review: 100% Pure and Organic Castor Oil

Hello, Lovely Ladies!

Review: 100% Pure and Organic Castor Oil | by The Graceful Mist ( - Top beauty, books, lifestyle, and skincare blog/website in Metro Manila, Philippines - Brow Care
Review: 100% Pure and Organic Castor Oil | by The Graceful Mist (

I`ve always wanted fuller-looking brows without bothering to fill them in with brow powder. I first found out about this eyebrows and eyelashes product when I was checking out of Mercury Drug Store. It was quite affordable compared to the castor oil brow thickening products I've tried like Luxe Organix: Castor Oil Eyelash and Brow Growth Serum (which costs around Php 109.00 at Watsons) or seen in most beauty stores which is why I gave it a try.