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Monday, July 19, 2021

My Fitness Journey: 7 Tips on How to Lose Weight Effectively

 Hello Lovely Ladies!

My Fitness Journey: 7 Tips on How to Lose Weight Effectively (By The Graceful Mist |

It`s been a long time, isn`t it? Summer has ended, and rainy season has entered. Yet, it doesn`t mean you have to stop working for your body just because you`re no longer aiming for that summer-ready figure. Staying fit and healthy isn`t a phase but a lifestyle. 

Even I have difficulties in staying in shape, especially during this pandemic. Since a lot of us are working from home, we`re walking and moving less, especially if you`re doing a desk job like me. It has been incredibly frustrating to try and lose weight. Even if I lost a couple of pounds, it`ll just come back if I don`t constantly workout. It`s why I want to share some of the tips below that I think will help your progress in becoming fit and healthy as well:

1. Set a Realistic Fitness Plan

When you want to lose weight, workout and maintain a certain figure, you have to set a realistic fitness plan that works well with your schedule, your lifestyle, and your goals for your body. 

If you make a fitness plan that seems perfect but doesn`t fit well with the type of lifestyle you have, you`ll only end up being frustrated because you weren`t able to do what`s written in your fitness plan. 

How to set a realistic fitness plan? Here are some questions that can help you evaluate what kind of health plan you need:

• What food and drinks can you eat and drink that`s low in calories, healthy, and easy-to-make?

• Do you want to put certain limitations for food, drinks, sleeping patterns, exercises, and habits?

• What kind of workout schedule works best for you?

If you`re still having difficulties creating a realistic fitness plan for your lifestyle, consulting both a nutritionist and personal trainer will greatly help you come up with one that you can do for a long time.