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Friday, June 23, 2017

InWrite Braces for Creatinuum Launch Braces for Creatinuum Launching - InWrite Logo - Events, Beauty, Books, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger - Freelance Writing - Top Blogs Websites - Filipino Writer - Philippines - Press Releases - Public Relations (@TheGracefulMist |
"InWrite Braces for Creatinuum Launch"
Online proofreading service InWrite.Com will be launching Creatinuum, a community this June 24, in Quezon City. 

Creatinuum is intended to be a community wherein writers, editors, bloggers, creatives, and professionals share their knowledge of their respective industries, in the hope of keeping creativity alive. The community will also be holding various events and workshops. Event starts at 1 PM.

InWrite General Manager An Pasco shared her goals for InWrite’s latest venture.

“Thru Creatinuum, the InWrite team will have the opportunity to hold seminars and conduct workshops,” she said. “The community was created primarily for InWrite, but we hope that this community will grow to include all those who want to become part of our industry, and of course, inWrite.”

Thursday, June 15, 2017

5 Essentials for Sunny and Rainy Days

Hello dear readers,

5 Essentials for Sunny and Rainy Days - Article by @TheGracefulMist - - Philippines - Filipino - Filipina - Teenager - Blogger - Freelance Writer - Top Blogs in the Philippines - Beauty, Books, Fashion, Life, Style, Lifestyle and Travel - Online Shopping - -
"5 Essentials for Sunny and Rainy Days" by @TheGracefulMist |

The weather has been quite erratic lately. In the morning, it`s usually very sunny, humid and hot while in the evening, it`s usually very rainy, and damp. These changing weather throughout the day and season might confuse a lot of us on what we should wear and bring which is why the list below might give you some ideas on what to wear, bring and prepare for.

5 Essentials for Sunny and Rainy Days:

1.) Umbrella

This is a basic essential whether it`s sunny or rainy. We need to protect our skin from the scorching heat of the sun in the morning and downpour in the afternoon or evening.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Acceptance of Our Lives` Paths | 1 Quote and 2 Interpretations

“AcCePTaNCe OF ONeS PaTh IN LiFe IS NeCeSSArY SO He CAN OBTaIN LiFe`S BONUS.” by The Graceful MIst ( - GracesOpenBook - Life - Beauty, Fashion, Health and Travel Blog Website - Top Blogs/Websites in the Philippines
“AcCePTaNCe OF ONeS PaTh IN LiFe IS NeCeSSArY SO He CAN OBTaIN LiFe`S BONUS.” by The Graceful Mist ( 

“Acceptance of one`s path in life is necessary so he can obtain life`s bonus” is a quote I created using the symbols of chemical elements for an assignment in Physics class in high school. This quote was initially meant to express that accepting our own designated path in life is necessary so we can fully receive the blessings meant for us and make the most out of them. However, based on a short and positive remark, the teacher had a different impression and interpretation that is geared towards our acceptance of other people`s achievements in life. Both initial interpretations are quite similar depending on whose path the reader is thinking but both make up a perspective conducive to a respectful society.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

I Love Milk Tea

Hello Graceful Girls!

I Love Milk Tea Philippines | Cookies and Cream Milk Tea| Php 70 (approx. 1.40 USD) I Love Milk Tea V-Luna Branch - Philippines Stores Reviews - Filipino Bloggers - Filipina Teenager - Lifestyle - Tea & Cafes - Coffee Shops - Beauty, Fashion, Health, Lifestyle and Travel Blog/Website ( @TheGracefulMist |
I Love Milk Tea Philippines | Cookies and Cream Milk Tea| Php 70 (approx. 1.40 USD) | Store Review | @TheGracefulMist (

“I Love Milk Tea" is a popular milk tea shop with many branches in the country. It can be franchised which is why there are many I Love Milk Tea stalls and stores. It offers to serve different flavors or variants of milk tea, fruit tea, frappe, poppin' yogurt tea and rock salt cheese.

It`s a nice little place for high school and college students who want to have a small group meeting or study session, workers who want to drink milk tea, hang out and chat on their break or individuals who just need an alone time. Their prices are relatively affordable which makes the store more appealing.

Spoiler-Free Korean Drama Review: Legends of the Blue Sea

Annyeong Haseyo!

Legends of the Blue Sea is a popular South Korean drama starring award-winning actors Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun. This Korean drama became popular because of its good story lines, comedy scenes, top actors, and over-all production.

Genre: Romance, Romantic-Comedy, Fantasy
Episodes: 20
Time: Approximately 1 hour/episode
Location/s: South Korea


Lee Min Ho - Kim Dam-ryeong / Heo Joon-jae
Jun Ji Hyun - Se-hwa / Shim Cheong
Sung Dong Il - Mr. Yang / Ma Dae-young
Lee Hi Joon - Heo Chi-hyun
Shin Won Ho - Tae-Oh