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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Acceptance of Our Lives` Paths | 1 Quote and 2 Interpretations

“AcCePTaNCe OF ONeS PaTh IN LiFe IS NeCeSSArY SO He CAN OBTaIN LiFe`S BONUS.” by The Graceful MIst ( - GracesOpenBook - Life - Beauty, Fashion, Health and Travel Blog Website - Top Blogs/Websites in the Philippines
“AcCePTaNCe OF ONeS PaTh IN LiFe IS NeCeSSArY SO He CAN OBTaIN LiFe`S BONUS.” by The Graceful Mist ( 

“Acceptance of one`s path in life is necessary so he can obtain life`s bonus” is a quote I created using the symbols of chemical elements for an assignment in Physics class in high school. This quote was initially meant to express that accepting our own designated path in life is necessary so we can fully receive the blessings meant for us and make the most out of them. However, based on a short and positive remark, the teacher had a different impression and interpretation that is geared towards our acceptance of other people`s achievements in life. Both initial interpretations are quite similar depending on whose path the reader is thinking but both make up a perspective conducive to a respectful society.

Doing all that we can in order to have a more positive, joyful and abundant life should make us accept that despite doing all we can at the moment, we still have no control at how our lives will go. There are many variables in life that we simply can`t get a hold of and change. With this, learning how to be content on how things flow in our life might help us live a life free of worry and stress. This way, we can truly enjoy the fruits of our labor and blessings we receive.

We also need to realize that we need to accept the fact that other people have their own lives and we can`t control how their lives go.  We need to humble ourselves and let others have their time to shine and obtain what they ought to have whether it`s attention, achievement or success. Prejudice, jealousy or envy will only bring us down and taint the happiness of others.

These two interpretations about our own lives and other people`s lives are simply about showing politeness or respect towards each other`s decisions, freedom, and achievements despite differences. An individual will never be truly an individual without the independence of making choices. Choosing to accept our and other people`s lives` paths will enable us to make different choices based on available options, therefore enabling us to fully absorb life`s offers and blessings.

Discuss: What are your interpretations about the quote? Do you agree with both interpretations?

You may share your thoughts in the comments` section below.

Have a beautiful and blessed day!

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