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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Making Changes | The Graceful Mist

Dear readers,

It has been such a crazy journey starting new and old alterations in my lifestyle but during this journey, I realized that making changes is not easy because it requires great self-control and dedication. There were things I was afraid to let go of, but with faith and determination, I`ll hopefully be able to overcome and let go of them.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sip - Green Milk Tea

Hello dear readers,

Sip is a milk tea store with several branches in the country. Months ago, I first tried their Chocolate Milk Tea. At first, the taste has taken me aback but after drinking a few milk teas, I got used to the tastes. I now appreciate the blend of tea and milk.

The drink in the photo is the green milk tea in large. It costs Php 80.00. As far as I know, this is the 2nd time I tasted Sip`s green milk tea. Since I`m already used to the taste of milk teas, I liked the taste of this one. There`s just a right amount of blend. It tasted way better because of the pearls/sago. Like most times, it was nice to "chew" the pearls/sago while drinking the milk tea because pearls complement milk teas well just like the way they complement shakes.

As far as I`m aware, the third photo above was taken when I first tasted Sip`s green milk tea. What`s quite funny is, coincidentally, I still chose a violet straw the second time I tasted their green milk tea because they didn`t have a big pink straw and I also got another leaflet from Sip store. The third photo looks like it was taken the same time the second photo was taken.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

(Natural Vision) Vision Therapy Eyewear - The Bates Method for Eyesight Improvement

Hello wonderful readers,

Recently, when I was looking around at Watsons, I saw this Vision Therapy Eyewear that uses the Bates method for improving the eyes. This got me highly excited because a few months ago, I was given the idea that natural improvement and/or correction of the eyes are possible so when I found this, it became like a hidden gem beneath the racks. This innovative product`s very appealing and interesting because it somehow works.

At Watsons`, there were available eyewears people can try. Because I was curious with the claims of this product, I wore a pair and saw that somehow it helped me see better. It was somehow amusing because the light traveled in straight directions (as stated in the pamphlet/flyer).

The Vision Therapy Eyewear resembles a sunglasses but with dots. There are different sizes you can choose from, there`s "s," "m," "l," and "u". The "s" or small is the smallest and "l" and "u" are the biggest. The "u" resembles sunglasses while the rest resembles the typical eyeglasses but with black front part. It doesn`t have any prescriptions. It`s basically just like sunglasses with dots.

I`ve been trying this eyewear for a few days but I only put it on when I`m watching the television or using the computer for a few minutes or hours. When I`m having a  hard time reading or seeing, I would use my eyeglasses. It`s recommended to use this as a substitute for the eyeglasses or an alternatvie whenever the user is indoors. If it`s going to be used as an alternative, it`s recommended to use lower prescription glasses and this item. It`s not advisable to use while driving or even outdoors because it obstructs the full vision because of the black front part. I can only see through the dots. When I`m using this eyewear, I can see well but if I were to look at a picture, I can often sense the dots on the eyewear.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

5 Great Lessons I Learned during My Freshman Year in College

College as a whole was very different from what I was used to. It was refreshing and exciting but it was concerning. The processes and routes in it was baffling to me but despite this, I was able to realize many things. As I was going through my freshman days, I learned many lessons applicable to the realities of life. And for this post, I`ll share 5 out of the many good things I came to know.

1.) Independence and initiative is a necessity.

In college, instructors, guardians or counselors won`t always remind you to do important tasks. You have to know your way around and the whereabouts of the school. In this case, being independent can be a great thing. Independence doesn`t mean that one doesn`t need help. Having independence is having the responsible and mature attitude that you can do things without depending most of the things to another person. You should have the initiative to do things as needed.

When you`re at school, it doesn`t mean you have to keep to yourself. You just have to be aware that you are now on your own and you won`t be treated like a young child anymore. People in college will most likely view you as a grown-up person.

2.) Communication is vital.

Communication with other people in college is very important. By talking with others, you`ll be able to gain more knowledge about the whereabouts of the school and their programs, organizations, classes and events.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Back-to-School: What`s in My School Bag?

Hello lovely readers,

Neon Pink Backpack - Reebok

School already started for me unlike for some of you, school is still probably around the corner. Since back-to-school season isn`t over yet, I have a more personal blog post featuring my own school bag.

My Neon Pink bag is from Reebok. The front, back and left side have thin padding (as seen on the first and third photo of this post). The design is simple but it has a very young vibe to it.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A 3-Step Guide for a Better Hair Care Routine

A girl`s hair is said to be her crowning glory. But what if it`s terribly damaged? Can you still call it a crowning glory? Here`s a 3-step guide for a better hair care routine that`ll surely help you grow your hair beautifully:

A 3-Step Guide for a Better Hair Care Routine (
A 3-Step Guide for a Better Hair Care Routine (

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Mother`s First Death Anniversary

Today is June 11, 2014. A year ago, my mother passed away. It all came to us in a shock despite the knowledge that she was terribly sick. It was so confusing as to why God let that happen knowing that she is needed and loved by many. I had all these undependable plans in my head on how the future is going to be but the twisted planned destiny still gave a scare.

Life is so unpredictable. One day, you`re happy but then the next day you`re just miserable. I can still vividly remember how I found out that my mother passed away. During those times, I just entered a new chapter of my life in college. I was doing well at school and adjusting to the new environments I was in. During those moments, most of the things I have in mind are plans, goals and dreams in life. I was so intent in reaching higher achievements in life that I often take for granted my relationships with people and God in exchange for the prides and honors in life.

By realizing the happenings that has happened in my life, I look back and think how uncertain life is. I just remembered that I was a bubbly, independent, loving, caring, bright, and wide-eyed child but now I`m an unpredictable teen in an erratic world. Because it seems like the lemonades I was given were overwhelming enough to change the way I view most things in life.