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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sip - Green Milk Tea

Hello dear readers,

Sip is a milk tea store with several branches in the country. Months ago, I first tried their Chocolate Milk Tea. At first, the taste has taken me aback but after drinking a few milk teas, I got used to the tastes. I now appreciate the blend of tea and milk.

The drink in the photo is the green milk tea in large. It costs Php 80.00. As far as I know, this is the 2nd time I tasted Sip`s green milk tea. Since I`m already used to the taste of milk teas, I liked the taste of this one. There`s just a right amount of blend. It tasted way better because of the pearls/sago. Like most times, it was nice to "chew" the pearls/sago while drinking the milk tea because pearls complement milk teas well just like the way they complement shakes.

As far as I`m aware, the third photo above was taken when I first tasted Sip`s green milk tea. What`s quite funny is, coincidentally, I still chose a violet straw the second time I tasted their green milk tea because they didn`t have a big pink straw and I also got another leaflet from Sip store. The third photo looks like it was taken the same time the second photo was taken.

At the back of the plastic cup, there`s an incomplete sentence that says "You are awesome ______". It was hip of them to have those words placed there even though they didn`t really write my name.

Just like what I nicely said in my other post about Sip`s place, it`s a good little place to stay and do some little work like studying, blogging, or organizing paper works. Even though it was a little milk tea place, they have WiFi so while enjoying milk tea, the customers can get connected to the internet. The store doesn`t have doors or barriers so it`s open and  I could definitely sense the noise. The steps, chatters, talking salesmen and women were all perceptible. Though the experience of others may be different from mine since there are several branches of Sip in the country, most of their stores are located inside the mall so my experience compared to others may also be close.

On the positive side, inside the store`s very cold despite it being wide open. It`s colder than the regular temperature outside Sip. In this tropical country, air-conditioners are well liked and sought after so this can be a positive factor for many milk tea lovers since not all milk tea stores have nice air-conditioning.

Here`s a list of their products including the prices:

Flavored Tea (just tea, no milk)

green tea, black tea (M - Php 65.00, L - 75.00)
passionfruit, mango, lychee, strawberry, blueberry, lemon, wintermelon (M - Php 85.00, L - Php 95.00)
yakult, lemon yakult, lychee yakult, raspberry yakult (L - Php 105.00)

Milk Tea

green milk tea, milk tea (M - Php 70.00, L - Php 80.00)
caramel milk tea, chocolate milk tea, mango milk tea, strawberry milk tea, hazelnut milk tea, honey milk tea (M - Php 90.00, L - Php 100.00)


citreat (L - Php 125.00)
roasted lemon bush (M - Php 100.00, L - Php 115.00)
himalayan (M - Php 100.00, L - Php 115.00)
handmade taro (M - Php 100.00, L - Php 110.00)


green, black, mango, chocolate strawberry (M - Php 100.00, L - Php 110.00)

Things to nibble

chicken chop (Php 85.00)
veggie spring roll, 3 pcs. ( Php 75.00)
honeycomb waffle (Php 80.00)

They also offer free additional topping excluding the pearls/sago that already came with the drink.


 If you plan to stay inside the store for awhile, bring a cardigan or any clothing item to keep you warm.

 If it`s your first time to buy from this store, they`ll most likely give you a frequency card with 2 cute stamps which will entitle you to a free upgrade or freebie when you complete a certain number of stamps. Keep this frequency card in case you might want to go back and buy from their store again so you can avail the free upgrade or freebie.

All in all, I`ve been liking the Sip store and their milk teas. The store`s accessible and their products seems quite fine. 

Have you tried one of their milk teas? You may share your thoughts in the comments` section below.

Thank you for reading. I hope you`ll have a blessed life!

- The Graceful Mist

If you have any comments, suggestions, requests, and/or questions, please leave them in the comments` section of this blog post. Thank you.

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  1. Green tea milk sounds interesting and I wouldn't mind trying honeycomb waffle :)

    P.S. I am following your blog via GFC and Bloglovin, too. Do follow my blog here: and Bloglovin:

  2. Like to try this green milk tea from SIP. Maybe I could get at SM Mall? But, I'll try to be with family to taste this cold beverage.

    1. Hello Mr. Fernando. They have branches in SM Molino, SM Manila, SM Sucat, and SM Baguio. You can find out more locations here: Thank you.

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  4. I like this tea place their selections are great and very affordable.

  5. They do have a lot of unique flavors at SIP. I like to try them out. Where is the SIP store located.

    1. Hello Mr. Franc. You can read their different locations here: Thank you.

  6. Haven't tried SIP yet, I think they're still not available from where I live. But for the price, not bad, still within budget.

    1. Hello April. You can find their locations here:

  7. I love the daintyness of this. Would have tried it if I lived nearer! But thank you for sharing. Love the idea of You are Awesome :)