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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Grace`s Open Book: Notes during Quarantine

Hello, everyone! 

Grace`s Open Book: Notes during Quarantine

How are you holding up? For most people, the days during the enhanced community lock down were some of the hardest. I can`t say otherwise because not being able to work the way I used to was specially saddening for me. I`ve always tried my best to work hard and work smart and when I`m presented with some limitations to be able to do that, it becomes a real challenge. The positive side of being locked down or in quarantine was that I was able to take notes of significant changes I ought to apply in my life.

As my readers, I would love to share with you basic yet life-changing notes I wrote while facing the financial, emotional and spiritual challenges during a lock down: 

Note #1: Finances

Thankfully, doing those viral challenges for saving up like Peso Sense Ipon Challenge, and Mr. Chinkee Tan`s Ipon Challenge has helped me tremendously when I needed funds the most though it`s not much. This lock down is genuinely an eye opener how significant every cent is. 

I remember reading Mr. Robert Sy Tan`s "What Would You Do? If This Was Your Last Day On Earth", Mr. Don Soriano`s "Break Free" and many books about budgeting, attending a financial seminar, and discussing with my older sister about money management. All these books and effort would be wasted if not put into action. 

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Grocery Shopping and Organization: How I Store Foods in My Single-Door Refrigerator

Hello, everyone! 

One of the relaxing ways I used to de-stress is retail therapy. I find it quite satisfying to treat myself after all the stress from work, home and pollution outside. Nowadays, I`m barely able to do this because of the pandemic. Hence, I had to divert my attention to a safer and more practical way to release the negative tension in my body and mind. 

I had been getting peace from making sure that my small home is well kept. I have gotten a lot of really helpful tips from different communities about organizing refrigerator, pantry and food storage. Here`s what I came up so far when it comes to organizing my small refrigerator: 


Grocery Shopping and Organization: How I Store Foods in My Single-Door Refrigerator - Top Lifestyle Blogger in Quezon City, Philippines - Retail, Shopping for Necessities and Essential Goods
Grocery Shopping and Organization: How I Store Foods in My Single-Door Refrigerator (by @The Graceful Mist |

I found that keeping frozen meats in containers make it easier for me to defroze them unlike keeping them in their original plastic bags and just stuffing them in the freezer. Back then, whenever I had to defroze meat, I had to take out the other meat in a plastic bag that got attached through ice. Now that they`re in containers, I simply have to choose which one to defroze and I don`t have to worry about the difficulty of removing the plastic bag and stuck meat.