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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Year-End Reflections: 5 Steps on How to Enhance Your Curves and Embrace Body Positivity

Hello Lovely Ladies!

Body image is a critical part of our being. Looking at your body in a negative aspect often results to a poor mindset and degraded self-esteem. Believing other people`s negative opinion and insults about your body does not only disrespect a beautiful creation like you, but conditions your mind as well to believe preconceived notions that will dampen your personal growth. 

Before 2021 ends, let`s take a different approach on how we look, take care and cherish our bodies. 

Thursday, November 25, 2021

5 Tips on How to Celebrate the Holidays with a Beautiful Home

Hello Lovely Ladies!

5 Tips on How to Celebrate the Holidays with a Beautiful Home - Little Changes to Turn Your House into a Safe Space for the Holidays - by The Graceful Mist ( - Holiday Blog, Holiday Interior, Christmas Seasons, Lifestyle - Top Blogger in Rodriguez, Rizal, Manila, Philippines
5 Tips on How to Celebrate the Holidays with a Beautiful Home | by The Graceful Mist (

2021 has been a year of enlightenment for many of us. It is a time to hope, to dream, and to savor every moment. The pandemic has brought tremendous changes to our lives, with many people opting to stay at home for safety. 

Celebrate the upcoming holidays by spending time with your loved ones at home. Spending so much time indoors is probably the least thing some people would want, considering that many have already explored every corner of the house. However, there's a heartwarming feeling when we appreciate what we have at home and feel the love in the air with some of the closest people in our life. Make your home feel cozy and aesthetically pleasing this upcoming holiday season with these five simple tips: 

Monday, July 19, 2021

My Fitness Journey: 7 Tips on How to Lose Weight Effectively

 Hello Lovely Ladies!

My Fitness Journey: 7 Tips on How to Lose Weight Effectively (By The Graceful Mist |

It`s been a long time, isn`t it? Summer has ended, and rainy season has entered. Yet, it doesn`t mean you have to stop working for your body just because you`re no longer aiming for that summer-ready figure. Staying fit and healthy isn`t a phase but a lifestyle. 

Even I have difficulties in staying in shape, especially during this pandemic. Since a lot of us are working from home, we`re walking and moving less, especially if you`re doing a desk job like me. It has been incredibly frustrating to try and lose weight. Even if I lost a couple of pounds, it`ll just come back if I don`t constantly workout. It`s why I want to share some of the tips below that I think will help your progress in becoming fit and healthy as well:

1. Set a Realistic Fitness Plan

When you want to lose weight, workout and maintain a certain figure, you have to set a realistic fitness plan that works well with your schedule, your lifestyle, and your goals for your body. 

If you make a fitness plan that seems perfect but doesn`t fit well with the type of lifestyle you have, you`ll only end up being frustrated because you weren`t able to do what`s written in your fitness plan. 

How to set a realistic fitness plan? Here are some questions that can help you evaluate what kind of health plan you need:

• What food and drinks can you eat and drink that`s low in calories, healthy, and easy-to-make?

• Do you want to put certain limitations for food, drinks, sleeping patterns, exercises, and habits?

• What kind of workout schedule works best for you?

If you`re still having difficulties creating a realistic fitness plan for your lifestyle, consulting both a nutritionist and personal trainer will greatly help you come up with one that you can do for a long time.