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About Kathryn Grace - A blogger and freelance writer at - Filipino, Filipina, Philippines, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Health, Travel and Books Blog - Website
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I am Grace and I live in the Philippines. I took Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in college. I am interested in various fields so I hope to develop all possible potentials. I can be a typical young lady but I have a heart in serving and helping others.

 I am perfectly imperfect. I may be incapable of being viewed as a girl with an image of perfection to many people but this is the way I am in the present. I highly appreciate new beginnings because they`re comforting signs of new hope. I believe in the beauty of peace, friendships, serenity, knowledge, love, order, and faith.

I possess great fascination in blogging, craft making, designing, editing (videos), filming, sewing, writing, and reading. I am fascinated with photography. I`m also a girl with a great liking in the unimaginable depth of the artistic world.

I'm just a girl who aims to make her goals and dreams into reality. A lover of serenity and wisdom. A simple girl with broad aspirations.

The Blog

"The Graceful Mist" is a beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and personal blog. It first started as just an ordinary beauty blog consisting of reviews, articles and personal posts. On January 16, 2015, all blog posts was removed from the blog in order to refresh its contents.

I aspire to create relevant contents with the intention to bond with others especially to those with similar interests. Beyond all this, my goal is to do all things related to this blog with love.

"Do all your work in love." - 1 Corinthians 16:14, The Holy Bible (GNT)