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Saturday, August 16, 2014

(Natural Vision) Vision Therapy Eyewear - The Bates Method for Eyesight Improvement

Hello wonderful readers,

Recently, when I was looking around at Watsons, I saw this Vision Therapy Eyewear that uses the Bates method for improving the eyes. This got me highly excited because a few months ago, I was given the idea that natural improvement and/or correction of the eyes are possible so when I found this, it became like a hidden gem beneath the racks. This innovative product`s very appealing and interesting because it somehow works.

At Watsons`, there were available eyewears people can try. Because I was curious with the claims of this product, I wore a pair and saw that somehow it helped me see better. It was somehow amusing because the light traveled in straight directions (as stated in the pamphlet/flyer).

The Vision Therapy Eyewear resembles a sunglasses but with dots. There are different sizes you can choose from, there`s "s," "m," "l," and "u". The "s" or small is the smallest and "l" and "u" are the biggest. The "u" resembles sunglasses while the rest resembles the typical eyeglasses but with black front part. It doesn`t have any prescriptions. It`s basically just like sunglasses with dots.

I`ve been trying this eyewear for a few days but I only put it on when I`m watching the television or using the computer for a few minutes or hours. When I`m having a  hard time reading or seeing, I would use my eyeglasses. It`s recommended to use this as a substitute for the eyeglasses or an alternatvie whenever the user is indoors. If it`s going to be used as an alternative, it`s recommended to use lower prescription glasses and this item. It`s not advisable to use while driving or even outdoors because it obstructs the full vision because of the black front part. I can only see through the dots. When I`m using this eyewear, I can see well but if I were to look at a picture, I can often sense the dots on the eyewear.

It was hard to use at first, because I actually need to know how to use it properly or else I`ll often see doubling images because of my vision and the dots. After using it for quite some time, I`m finally getting the grip on how to see properly and clearly.

The box contains the vision therapy eye wear and pamphlet. The pamphlet contains information and instructions about the product. Below. you can read some information about the natural way of improving the eyes.

The traditional vs. Dr. Bates View:

So far, I can only give a few days worth of observations and impressions with this products. As I use this product more often, any review regarding this product in this post may change.


1.) It doesn`t have any prescriptions.
2.) It promotes natural improvement of the eyes.
3.) The "u" eyewear version resembles a sunglasses therefore it doesn`t look unpleasant.
4.) As an eyeglasses wearer, I can actually see quite well through this eyewear without my prescription glasses.


1.) It`s quite expensive.
2.) It can be hard to see images if not used properly.
3.) It can take a long time to get really used to using this product as a substitute or an alternative to prescription glasses.

This eyewear promotes the natural ways of improving the eyes. To be honest, I greatly agree with most of the things that have been stated in the pamphlet because I believe that we actually have the natural capacity to heal just like when we are sick.

Their vision therapist, Jim Tan, was also a person who used to have high prescription glasses. He now have an almost perfect vision. They also have success stories placed in their site. The success stories I`ve read only led me to just hope that somehow, there will be effective results.

I tried this product because I`ve been noticing that throughout the years, my vision keeps getting worse despite good vision habits. I keep needing higher prescription glasses. I needed to find ways to have my eyes naturally restored to its normal form. Although this may sound close to impossible, I don`t see much harm in trying the eyewear out.

So far, not all Watsons branches are selling this eyewear. I`ve only seen this in Watsons at Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City. The other Watsons stores I`ve been to doesn`t sell this. 

All in all, I`m very hopeful that by using this product along with good eye habits and healthy lifestyle, my vision will be restored to clear and healthy eyes. Despite the price, I thought the product is really worth trying because the eye`s health is at stake. The Vision Therapy Eyewear is probably not as mainstream as eyeglasses and contact lenses, but with proper use and healthy habit, I have faith that my eyes can naturally be restored to great form.

How does this product sounds to you? If you`re an eyeglasses wearer, I would like to know your views about this product in the comments below.

Thank you for reading, I hope you`ll have a blessed life! 

If you have any comments, suggestions, requests, and/or questions, please leave them in the comments` section of this blog post. Thank you.

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