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Thursday, August 14, 2014

5 Great Lessons I Learned during My Freshman Year in College

College as a whole was very different from what I was used to. It was refreshing and exciting but it was concerning. The processes and routes in it was baffling to me but despite this, I was able to realize many things. As I was going through my freshman days, I learned many lessons applicable to the realities of life. And for this post, I`ll share 5 out of the many good things I came to know.

1.) Independence and initiative is a necessity.

In college, instructors, guardians or counselors won`t always remind you to do important tasks. You have to know your way around and the whereabouts of the school. In this case, being independent can be a great thing. Independence doesn`t mean that one doesn`t need help. Having independence is having the responsible and mature attitude that you can do things without depending most of the things to another person. You should have the initiative to do things as needed.

When you`re at school, it doesn`t mean you have to keep to yourself. You just have to be aware that you are now on your own and you won`t be treated like a young child anymore. People in college will most likely view you as a grown-up person.

2.) Communication is vital.

Communication with other people in college is very important. By talking with others, you`ll be able to gain more knowledge about the whereabouts of the school and their programs, organizations, classes and events.

Don`t be afraid to ask, inquire or approach employees, professors or other school staffs. Approach people nicely and politely. Don`t be ashamed because you`ll probably make it harder for yourself and more embarrassing if you don`t kindly ask what you need to inquire. You might just get yourself in trouble if you don`t do things just because you`re afraid to communicate with people. Just remember that now is the time to grow more, and to do this, you must exert effort to be more of yourself to really bring out your potentials.

3.) Build bridges instead of walls.

Socializing with other people doesn`t necessarily mean you have to exert so much time and effort to the point where you barely have time for yourself. Having many acquaintance and friends can be a really good thing in college because these people might somehow help you in the different areas of your life. Having good connections will not only help you during your college years but it might help you in your career after you graduate college.

Be yourself and try to be friendly with the people around you. You don`t have to attend to so many parties and events just to meet people. Although attending events is great, you can meet nice and positive people in your classes and organizations. Be careful though, not everyone can be trusted, trust only those who can be trusted. In college, you`ll meet different types of people with different backgrounds so don`t  forget to be cautious in choosing who you trust.

4.) Participation in school activities is significant.

Participation in school plays a very important role in developing yourself. Participating in school activities will also help you to meet great people and learn new things.

Don`t be shy when it comes to participating in class discussions, activities and other school events. Learning, growing and developing are some of the reasons why you`re in college. In order to get the most out of studying in college, step out further to your comfort zone and create new experiences for yourself that will help you have a successful career.

5.) Be Yourself

Some people that you might meet in college can really be intimidating. Whether it`s because of their social or economic status in life, or because of their physical appearance, high educational background or intellectual capacity, never let those fears get you down in fully developing your inner and outer selves. Be confident and real. Do not hide yourself no matter what you have in life. You might find some people intimidating at first but you might realize later that they`re actually way different than your impressions of them. So always remind yourself that you can also be just as good as them no matter what the differences may be.

After freshman year, there will be even greater things that we can learn. Therefore, we should make the most out of the experiences we get while in college so we can bring out the best possible person we can be.

I hope you learned good things from the lessons I shared with you in this post. What have you learned during your freshman year in college? I would love to know your experiences. You may share your thoughts in the comments below.

Have a great college life! 

If you have any comments, suggestions, requests, and/or questions, you may leave them in the comments` section of this blog post. Thank you.


  1. I totally agree with you I learned about those life lessons in college too and they helped me a lot later in life.

  2. Right on! I am in university, this is exactly what I'm learning :)

    - Atishi

  3. Socializing can be very difficult sometimes especially when it is a commuter school.

    - Atishi

  4. I totally agree fab blog post, I will be showing this to my cousin who's off to collage in summer she will find it so useful xxx

    1. Thank you. I hope she learns something important in this post.

  5. Great points you have made here. When I ( or any of my sibling) started college, we did almost all mistakes you are asking not to do. and It took a lot of time to undo the damage. I wish there were classes in schools to teach us these kind of knowledge.

  6. Those are all very good. Communication is very important especially when it comes to group projects and stuff like that. Among all of these, my favorite would be independence, that's really essential for all freshmen.

  7. This was so relatable! Especially the first one. I am a very codependent person, and I missed a lot of classes because of my lack of independence. (Meaning: my friend wasn't going so I skipped too)
    I hope a lot of freshmen to be see this post :)

  8. Yes. You need to adjust more things as you begin the college life. High school molded us differently that we can still 'rely' to our teachers somehow, which professors don't, as they are shaping the independecy in us. Be yourself and enjoy that awesome first year! :)

  9. I agree with you. College is the time when you grow up and start taking decisions that have consequences and you have to learn from your mistakes and chisel your personality in order to become a proper responsible adult. :)

  10. Every point you have made is so true and relatable. It's a very big step in growing up and you make the best memories! Great post :)

  11. I love all these tips. I was super excited to go to College so I had all these down in the beginning lol

    Ivelisse |

  12. Thank you ao much for sharing these lessons as I am about to start college in a few months!!

  13. that's some serious tips for all the freshmen out there ! sending tis to my niece

  14. I truly find myself in this post! College changes you and makes you grow it is a very important part of the life and I loved my college years so much I had so much fun and learn a lot too ! sometimes I regret that time haha now have to go to work everyday and definitely not the same, less parties and much more work ;)

  15. Wow, I have to go back to the early 2000s to remember my freshman year at uni..but you are spot-on with your list. Of those, I think it's most important to be involved as possible (whether with friends, studies, sports, other activities, etc...just make sure to stay active and the time will fly by).

  16. Spot on with your article as many have also said on their comments. College is a new chapter in everyone's lives and it's a good way to really know yourself.

  17. The lessons you've shared are really great. How I wish I was able to read your post when I was still a freshman. Anyway, I've long since graduated now and I still find your lessons applicable. I particularly liked how you described independence. I do think that it's also applicable in committing in a relationship. Depending too much in partner can be exhausting for the other person. I know that's random, but, anyway, you've pretty much covered the lessons I've also learned back when I was in college. Great job! Thanks for sharing. -Me-An of

  18. I should've known this a bit earlier when I was younger. Great advices and so true! It's all about your own attitude :)