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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Back-to-School: What`s in My School Bag?

Hello lovely readers,

Neon Pink Backpack - Reebok

School already started for me unlike for some of you, school is still probably around the corner. Since back-to-school season isn`t over yet, I have a more personal blog post featuring my own school bag.

My Neon Pink bag is from Reebok. The front, back and left side have thin padding (as seen on the first and third photo of this post). The design is simple but it has a very young vibe to it.

Pink Water Bottle - Staxx/Neoflam (Php 199.75, SM Department Store)

At the right side pocket of my bag, I have my water bottle. My water bottle fits so well in that area. I usually don`t put water bottles in the side pockets, but the right side pocket of my bag holds the water bottle nicely. 500 mL water bottles that can be bought at convenience stores don`t fit nicely though, they often pop out. 

Anyway, the water bottle I used almost has the same type of material with plastic bottles that can be bought in convenience stores, but mine seemed harder, more durable and recyclable. It`s also great because most water bottles seem like they would break after a few fall, unlike this one. It seems like it has a material that won`t break easily. The cap is different too, unlike most caps that either snap or break. It can be refrigerated too.
Biscuits - Nutro Tea Time, Candies - Gingerbon, regular 

At the left side pocket of my bag, I usually put small snacks, drinks, gums or candies. At the time I took this photo, I had Nutro`s Tea Time biscuits and Gingerbon sweets in regular. Having biscuits with me helps me prevent over eating and over spending. The Gingerbon sweets I have also claim to help relieve voice stress, improve voice performance and cure sore throat and cough. I thought this is a better candy to eat than most regular candies because it has great benefits. Also, I would sometimes put a Probiotic drink like Yakult in this pocket.

Pencil Case - Nabel, Pink Envelope (National Book Store)

As for the main compartment of my bag, I would usually just have my Hello Kitty planner, notebook for all of my subjects, envelope for my school files and pencil case. In the photo above, I have two of my books in the main compartment, but I don`t want to put them there anymore because my bag becomes too heavy when I put books so I would prefer to carry them with my arms.

As for the pink envelope, I used to have an A4 hard plastic case that I would put in a long envelope for my school files, but after around a year, it broke so I decided to simply get a small waterproof envelope and fold my files because the hard plastic case was also hard to carry.

My pencil case is from Nabel, it was what I used last year. It definitely has a high quality but I realized that I would often find my classmates having just a simple pencil case. And because of that, I often wonder if I still have the instincts of being in high school or even elementary since this pencil case can be considered as too big. Anyway, I am considering giving this one to my younger brother and getting a simpler and less "complicated" pencil case. Nonetheless, I still think this pencil case helps me in being more organized in small things like storing pens, pencils, highlighters, and others.

By the way, most of the things that I have like my stapler, scissors, highlighters and others have been with me for years! That`s why I often prefer to buy affordable but high quality items.

The main compartment has two more pockets at the back. One is a small one on top (as seen on the photo above) and the other is a bigger one from the bottom to the middle part of the back part of the main pocket.

On the top pocket, I would usually put my phone, camera and key. I find that they`re safer from getting lost inside my bag if they`re there. Also, they`re easier to get from this pocket.
Pink Essentials Bag - Kultura (Php 90 - Php 100, SM Department Store), Sticky Notes - Deli (Php 20 Php 40, National Book Store)
The last pocket in my bag is the bigger one at the bottom and back part of the main compartment. This is the pocket where I`ll mostly put knickknacks and other little things that I might need.

I have a National Book Store tote bag since it`ll be hard to carry things around with a thin paper bag. This is a must, because sometimes stores won`t provide plastics or even paper bags.

The small pink bag is my essentials bag where I put my personal necessities.

I also carry my identification card, money holder (red holder with ribbon), a box of chalk (wrapped in brown paper bag), sticky notes in blue, green, pink and yellow, and wristlet.

I am the type of student that likes being prepared. I would sometimes clean and organize my bag the night before school to avoid little complications the next day. Also, I like investing in great quality items so it would last me for a long time. This way, I can avoid buying things repeatedly.

Being prepared, taking good care of my things and checking my items are some of the things I do to help myself in school. I also get messy and crazy many times and I would often have my things missing but the important thing is I always try to be neat and organized even though it`s really very hard to keep doing so.

How about you? What`s in your school bag? Are you a clean freak or are you someone who also have a messy school bag from time to time? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading.

If you have any comments, requests, suggestions, and/or questions, please leave them in the comments` section of this blog post. Thank you.


  1. Your things are so cute! Reminds me a lot of my school stuff when I was younger. :)

  2. The back pack looks really efficient with all the compartments including the side pockets.

    1. Yes it is. It`s quite big too. It can even fit more than just two books.

  3. Super cute bag!! And i love how you shared everything in detail! What your bag carry soeaks a lot about who you are :)

  4. Wow! I could share this to my girlfriend. She loves pink ;)

    1. Maybe you should! I love pink too. I think it`s a very lovely color. Thank you.

  5. This is so cute! I would love to do this kind of whats in your bag post, but more of a mountain climbing agenda! :) Thank you!