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Sunday, June 15, 2014

A 3-Step Guide for a Better Hair Care Routine

A girl`s hair is said to be her crowning glory. But what if it`s terribly damaged? Can you still call it a crowning glory? Here`s a 3-step guide for a better hair care routine that`ll surely help you grow your hair beautifully:

A 3-Step Guide for a Better Hair Care Routine (
A 3-Step Guide for a Better Hair Care Routine (

1. Determine your hair type and understand it.

          Is your hair straight, curly, dry, oily, thick, or thin? Find what kind of hair you have. Find your hair`s natural texture, body and form. Understand the way your hair grows. See through your hair`s capacities, weaknesses and strengths.  Every girl`s hair is unique in its own way so determining the natural flow of your hair will help you get to know more about how you can take better management of it.

2. Determine your hair`s needs.

          After determining your hair`s needs, you should be able to see what damages your hair that makes it look less beautiful than it should be. Is it because of split ends, frizzy hair or overly heated hair? Look in the mirror, and check your hair even for the smallest details because usually, they`re the culprits for making your hair look bad when it shouldn`t look that way. Finding the small imperfections may be your solution in solving bigger hair problems.

3. Find ways to meet the necessities of your hair.

          To have a better hair care routine, spending tons of money isn`t necessary. Practicality can be applied to have a routine that`ll help in the betterment of your hair. To get the most out of hair products, check different stores, brands and prices then compare which one is best suited for your hair and budget. You can also check out natural remedies or products that you can include in your routine like Aloe Vera and Olive/Virgin Coconut oil.

Getting to know your hair better is one of the great ways to better manage it. With consistent care, your hair will surely be better than before! Have a happy time!

What`s your hair care routine? Leave them in the comments below!

I hope this post helped you. If you have any comments, requests, suggestions and/or questions, please leave them in the comments section of this blog post. Thank you for reading.

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