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Thursday, June 15, 2017

5 Essentials for Sunny and Rainy Days

Hello dear readers,

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"5 Essentials for Sunny and Rainy Days" by @TheGracefulMist |

The weather has been quite erratic lately. In the morning, it`s usually very sunny, humid and hot while in the evening, it`s usually very rainy, and damp. These changing weather throughout the day and season might confuse a lot of us on what we should wear and bring which is why the list below might give you some ideas on what to wear, bring and prepare for.

5 Essentials for Sunny and Rainy Days:

1.) Umbrella

This is a basic essential whether it`s sunny or rainy. We need to protect our skin from the scorching heat of the sun in the morning and downpour in the afternoon or evening.

A great quality umbrella doesn`t mean it has to be expensive. I had umbrellas costing around Php 500 (approx. 10.05 USD) only to get damaged sooner than expected. A lot of the great quality umbrellas I have used were bought from side stores or bazaars that cost Php 250 or less (approx. 5.02 USD).

2.) Comfortable Clothes

A. Playsuits and Jumpsuits | Product Link: Off-The-Shoulder Lace Eyelet Playsuit in White

Wearing comfortable clothes is one of the main essentials of getting through erratic weathers. Playsuits and jumpsuits can be a great clothing item to wear with the appropriate style and size. Most playsuits and jumpsuits are easy to wear because they`re usually a 1 piece clothing item. A 1 piece clothing item can be an advantage because we don`t have to worry about loose, oversized or undersized bottoms. Both can be used as a cover-up depending on the style.

Not all playsuits and jumpsuits are ideal so whichever clothing items you wear, make sure that you choose the appropriate style, size, and fabric that is fit and comfortable for you to wear.

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B. Appropriate Attire | Product Link: Cutout Hollow Design Bikini Set in Black

Nowadays, most swimming areas are strict with the attire to be worn in the swimming pool. Having a comfortable swimwear is essential. It would be easy to just take off the outer clothing pieces and dive in the pool. You can also use a playsuit as a cover-up.

Also, wearing a swimsuit instead of the usual undergarments under a sports shirt and bottom might be better for some of you. Swimwears were usually created taking into consideration that they`ll be worn alone without covering. Therefore, they might be more comfortable to wear because they were created to be the outfit, to be worn for swimming and other active events, and to fit snugly. They`re usually made with material/s that won`t become sheer when it gets wet which is also ideal even if you`re not swimming on rainy days.

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4.) Comfortable shoes | Product link: Black Leather Look Layered Platform Carving Lace-up Shoes

Wearing a pair of comfortable shoes make a huge difference on how our days can go. A pair of undersized or tight shoes can make us feel more exhausted than necessary at the end of the day because our feet hurt while a pair of oversized or loose shoes can make us feel more self-conscious at the way we walk because we usually need to be more cautious not to trip on our own feet with bigger shoes while walking throughout the day.

A pair of platform shoes is a great type of shoes for almost any occasion. Due to its` heel height, the top of the shoes is less likely to get drenched in mud compared to flat shoes.

Having a good quality pair of comfortable shoes or slippers can really help us run errands or do activities easier. 

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5.) A Great Quality Waterproof Black Bag

Bags are a usual essential regardless of the weather. However, bags can get damaged or dirty easily. Having a great quality black bag can be a great idea to prevent buying bags sooner than necessary. Due to the changing weather, having a sunny day could also mean a muddy day and having a rainy day could also mean a wet and splashed day.

Having a waterproof black bag. can be ideal for almost any weather. It can shield your items from unnecessary damage due to the rain water being splashed at you while walking at the same time temporarily camouflages some of the dirt that the bag can accumulate due to mud, dirty water and the dark smoke vehicles belch. The bag`s style depends on your necessities and preferences.

5.) Handkerchief and Alcohol or Wet Wipes

This is highly necessary regardless of the weather. There are dirt and germs almost everywhere. Having a handkerchief/towel and alcohol or wet wipes is extremely useful in remaining clean.

I had experienced walking several streets with dirty rain water almost up to my thighs because of flooding. Also, being splashed with muddy rain water by passing vehicles is not a pleasant experience. Having an alcohol to clean my arms, legs and other areas temporarily greatly helped me to get through those days.

This list contains just some of the basic items essentials not just for sunny and rainy days but also for every season. Being prepared for the changing weather by carrying the appropriate and necessary items, and wearing a comfortable outfit is very important to help us get through possible bad days. Also, having a positive mindset and calm demeanor will help you think clearly and work efficiently throughout the day. Don`t let the weather pour you down, make sure you are always ready emotionally and physically.

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What are the material or non-material things that help you get through changing weathers and bad days? You may share your thoughts in the comments` section below.

Have a beautiful and blessed day!

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