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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Spoiler-Free Korean Drama Review: Legends of the Blue Sea

Annyeong Haseyo!

Legends of the Blue Sea is a popular South Korean drama starring award-winning actors Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun. This Korean drama became popular because of its good story lines, comedy scenes, top actors, and over-all production.

Genre: Romance, Romantic-Comedy, Fantasy
Episodes: 20
Time: Approximately 1 hour/episode
Location/s: South Korea


Lee Min Ho - Kim Dam-ryeong / Heo Joon-jae
Jun Ji Hyun - Se-hwa / Shim Cheong
Sung Dong Il - Mr. Yang / Ma Dae-young
Lee Hi Joon - Heo Chi-hyun
Shin Won Ho - Tae-Oh


Legends of the Blue Sea is about the story of Se Hwa, a mermaid who grew up with Kim Dam Ryeong, the son of a high official. Over the years, they formed a great bond but because Se Hwa is a mermaid, many tried to take advantage of her. Centuries later in the modern world, Se Hwa meets Kim Dam-ryeong- again. Their fates seemed to meet again despite the odds and difference of their past lives. With this, they both face situations that seem to make history repeats itself.



During the first episode, I`ve come to like the drama already. Jun Ji Hyun who played Se Hwa was so hilarious and silly. The story flowed quite well despite the dramatic, normal, serious, funny or laid back parts of the drama. Everything seemed to fit well in the story. There was barely any boring parts. The ending was quite cliché but it seems to go well with the fantasy and fairytale the drama seems to be going for.


Lee Min Ho played a charismatic con artist. Even though I would`ve preferred a different job for Heo Joon Jae, the character he played, he acted well in this drama with his poised, charming and well-practiced gestures. However, I seem to notice that a lot of his moves and acting gestures in this drama are quite similar to his acts in some of his previous dramas like "Boys Over Flowers" and "City Hunter." This could only be because his character in this show and in the said previous dramas are quite similar.

Jun Ji Hyun played an innocent, curious, smart, silly and funny character. Her acting was so natural and flawless. I was able to see snippets of her acting in “My Love from Another Star” here. Even though I only saw some scenes, she was already so funny and entertaining. Due to her good performance in Legend of the Blue Sea ad My Love from Another Star, I`m more interested to see other movies or shows she starred in.


Jun Ji Hyun`s mermaid costume is elegant and beautiful. It`s different from the common mermaid costume consisting of a colorful tail and shell top that often starred shows like this. Her costume is like a one piece silver mermaid outfit with beautiful yet simply elegant designs that is relatively quite modest.

The underwater scenes are realistic and not computerized which didn`t make the mermaid concept seem fake. The production was good with the well-done transitions of the scenes from past to present.

RATING: (7/10)


All in all, I enjoyed watching Legends of the Blue Sea. Despite the drama in the story, Jun Ji Hyun `s fun and lively character along with the supporting acts of the other actors made this South Korean drama entertaining and fun to watch. This show is surprisingly satisfying because of its easy going plot lines.

What do you think of this Korean drama? If you haven`t watched it, will you watch it after reading this review? You may share your thoughts in the comments` section below.

Have a beautiful and blessed day!

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