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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Promises for the Princess and the Pauper

The Promises for the Princess and the Pauper by @TheGracefulMist - - A Fashion and Lifestyle Story (Philippines - Filipina - Filipino - Style - Blogger)
"The Promises for the Princess and the Pauper"
Once upon a fairy tale, a young lady who lives in a damp and dreadful house full of vermin and pests, saw the light. When she saw the light, her disposition dissolved. The light was more than merely the illumination of understanding.  It was full of promises and possibilities.

“She`s gone.” As those words sunk into my subconscious, my whole world seemed to stop. One will never truly realize actuality until it happens. Life seemed to stop for a moment until I was sitting on a couch clinging my little hiding place of comfort.

Moments of emotional release later, still dazed from what happened, I walked towards the place I knew would help me talk to Someone who can change the fate I refused to accept. My body was quivering from shock and suffering. As I humbly knelt down before Him, lowered my head, put my hands together and begged, “My King! I know you`re merciful and miraculous.” My lips quivered. “Show me a miracle and revive her from this distressing death!” Tremendous tears poured over my fallen face as I searched His face for any sign of deal. 

I begged and begged. “Her body has probably been frozen already. I believe in your Power. I know you can still bring her back to life.”

He looked down at me with eyes full of sympathy. “Please, my King! Nothing is impossible with you. I know that with a simple touch or word from you, you can bring her back to life!”

He remained silent. He keeps on looking at me with those empathetic eyes. Conviction seemed clear in His eyes.

Salt water keeps streaming down the concerned cheeks of mine. My entire being fell over a dip pit of disturbance. Piece by piece, the once perfect puzzle of my life shattered to the shaking ground. 

“Please, I believe in You. I believe your Power is real. Show me you`re really miraculous. My King, please bring her back to life!” I begged and I begged and I begged. He`s still looking down on me with so much cognizing and comforting eyes. Gathering up myself and bowing, I got up, walked home and laid on the temporary comfort of my cradle. 

There must be a way. Was the King waiting for me to do something so He can bring her back to life? Beyond purely pondering on the memorable moments which often brings music to my years, I thoughtfully tuned in to what went wrong.

Why would the King let this happen to me? I had tried my best to be the best person that I can be! He must have a reason. I concluded.

Whichever direction these distraught dreams of mine went, tears of thoroughly troubled temperament transpires the growing disorderliness of my grasp and discernment of this domain.

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