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Sunday, June 12, 2016

🏆 Memorable Moments: Top 5 Funny Scenes from Descendants of the Sun 🏆

Annyeong haseyo!

Descendants of the Sun is a Korean drama that has gained a lot of admirers in the world. Despite being aired for only 2 months which started on February and ended on April, the admiration for this drama is still very prevalent most especially in Asia. Last week, I shared with you the "Top 5 Sweet Moments from 'Descendants of the Sun'" but today I`ll share with you the funniest scenes I have seen in all of the 16 episodes of this TV drama.

1.) "Red Velvet"

This scene reminded me of a popular Youtube video which features a performance by a Korean girl group in an all-boys school. It was really amusing which made this specific part really comical. It may be a part of the Korean entertainment industry`s culture to feature different artists and groups for a specific group of people like the performance of "Red Velvet" for the military.

After laughing at this silly scene the first time, searching online led me to discover "Real Men", a Korean TV show which shows the real lives of Korean men especially Korean celebrities in the military. This TV show can be seen online at MBC Entertainment`s Youtube Channel with English subtitles.

Anyway, this funny display of real admiration for the popular all-girls Korean group, "Red Velvet", represents the cheerful, laid-back and playful sides of these military men. Watching Sergeant Major Seo De Yeong`s dance may possibly just make any person crack a smile. Everything in this scene is outright amusing, comical and entertaining.

2.) "Anniversary"

Warning: *SPOILER ALERT* (If you haven`t seen the drama, please skip this last number)

Not knowing Captain Yoo Si Jin`s current status, part of Dr. Kang Mo Yeon`s medical team when they were in Urk, Greece advised Dr. Kang Mo Yeon to talk to Captain during his "anniversary" as they were "really" sure he was listening. Their reactions were truly priceless; scared yet sympathetic.

3.) "Care Package"

This was funny to me because from the stories I`ve heard since I was young, Military men tend to be ladies` men so I figured this scene was so comical because the behavior of Captain Yoo Si Jin and Sergeant Major Seo De Yeong is so stereotypical. The music also added to the silliness of this scene.

4.) "Blood Type"

This part is just altogether cute, sweet, funny and romantic. Despite the ongoing epidemic because of the M Type virus, Dr. Kang Mo Yon`s ways of making Captain Yoo Si Jin laugh is also making the viewers adore her loveliness even more.

5.) "The Will"

Confessing your feelings to anyone can be really scary because you`re opening a part of yourself. But what if the confession you didn`t want anyone hearing is broadcast-ed for everyone in hearing range to know? Wouldn`t that be downright embarrasing? That is what happens to this scene giving Captain an insight of the confusing feelings of Dr. Kang Mo Yeon.

These are my chosen funny scenes from the drama. What is your favorite funny scene from the "Descendants of the Sun"? You may share them in the comments` section below.


  1. I have never watched Korean dramas before but my friend is really into the whole K-Pop scene.

  2. The care package and the will are winners! One of the best scenes in DOTS. Hahaha.

  3. Never heard about it but it's great! -

  4. I have never watched any Korean to dramas, however I would love to see what they were all about if I could get them here in Scotland!