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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Beyond the Comfort Zone | Sharing a Part of Me

Beyond the Comfort Zone, Sharing a Part of Me by @TheGracefulMist (Read at

During the past few weeks, I`ve been getting the vibe that it was time to share a part of me to the people around my real life. Sharing a blog, a part of one`s self, is not an easy thing to do for a person like me living a reserved and guarded life. However, I`ve been noticing that to actually be successful in blogging and writing, I needed the right readers and sincere supporters.

From Gott Love`s declaration of goals, to several people asking my website and wanting readers, I`ve come to the conclusion to share a part of my dream to the people that surrounds me. I`ve had bouts of doubts, thoughts of insecurities and questions of “What if they think I`m not good enough?” lingering. However, a conviction of beliefs and finality swept me. Regardless of what I do, whether it`s good or bad, different people who had different upbringings and thoughts will often have different opinions, criticisms and/or judgments regarding my actions so I must do what I ought to do anyway. If what I do is done with an eternal perspective, won`t it be worth every single judgment?
Sharing my blog to the people that know me in real life is beyond my comfort zone.  However, I would like to believe that it`s definitely a good kind of discomfort. It will allow me to grow not only in my dream world but also in my real world. It will help me to have a culture of change; a realistic one. The people around me will be able to keep me in check of reality versus fantasy. Sharing my blog or website is also cultivating me to always humble myself. It teaches me that I don`t always have to immediately show people perfection. I don`t have the blog I have in my mind and in my dreams, however, I needed to start somewhere. Having the people around me know a part of me and my dreams motivates me to do better as I`m reminded of the aspirations I long to pursue.

I risk the possibility of getting ridiculed or judged because of what I write and share but if I keep silent and hide away the dream of blogging and writing, will I ever go somewhere?

Have you ever felt like it`s difficult to share your dreams to the people around you? Do you have a passion in your life that you feel comfortable at simply just hiding it? You may share your thoughts and sentiments in the comments` section below. Have a wonderful weekend!

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