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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Grace`s Open Book: "Every Beginning"

"Every Beginning"

Five days have passed since that symbolic date,
Yet all that I`ve begun is wander about my fate.
View of unresolved uncertainty
Still creeps my eternity

Eyes glimmer with the sound of perfection
Yet all that I`ve been is unwanted imposition
The world`s a big and controlled domain
Many barely keep their sane

All that has passed will soon keep creeping in
All that is in the present will soon be in the bin
All that future holds are theories,
Tested by the next series

Is anything worth doing anymore?
Did any of these pain, drain and inane efforts bore?
Or am I just living endless games?
I just work for all my aims.

Life is full of same continuous quotes,
All of what I received are fill for effortless notes.
What matters is the results of force
In this sweet passing life course.

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