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Thursday, November 9, 2017

5 Tips on How to Accessorize with Your Prom Dress

Hello Graceful Ladies!

5 Tips on How to Accessorize with Your Prom Dress | by @TheGracefulMist (

Prom is a significant and anticipated social event in high school. It`s an event for students to dance, enjoy, and socialize. It`s also the time many young ladies wait for to look elegant in a more formal social setting. This entails the planning and preparation for the accessories, dress, and transportation among other things.

Preparing and planning for the perfect prom night can be quite stressful and costly. Therefore, to lessen some of your burdens and confusion, here are 5 tips on how to accessorize with your prom dress:

1.)  Choose Appropriate Earrings

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Earrings can do a lot to accentuate and frame your face well if you choose the length, size and design of your earrings according to your bone structure, face shape, hairstyle, dress design, and overall look.

If you have a round face, choosing dangling earrings are great because it`ll give your face an illusion of elongation. If you have square face shape, choose earrings with medium length and circular edges. If you have long and narrow face shape, studs, short dangles, and circular hoops types of earrings will complement your frame. If you have a heart face shape, dangling chandelier, and triangle shaped earrings will counterbalance your frame. If you have an oval-shaped face, you can wear almost any type of earrings.

You also need to take into consideration your bone structure. If you have very defined and small bone structure, you can choose small, simple, and delicate types of earrings because this will help accentuate your gentle and soft-looking features. If you have a big bone structure, you can choose medium to large earrings because these will help frame your face well.

The design of your dress is another factor to consider in choosing your earrings. If your dress doesn`t have much beads, bling, design and pattern, you can definitely choose earrings with a more elaborate design so your over-all look won`t seem very dull or plain. However, if your dress already have dominating bling and design, it`s better to choose simpler earrings to not make your over-all look too bold and overpowering.

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2.) Choose a Necklace Accordingly

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Wearing a necklace with your prom dress can help bring out the beauty of the design of your dress. There are different necklaces for different necklines and styles of dresses. If you have an off-the-shoulder dress, choker or princess necklaces are great. However, if you have a long sleeve and v-neck dress, a princess v-shaped necklace will complement your look. You can simply search for the different necklaces that complements your personality, form, and style of dress.

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3.) Accentuate the waist.

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You may accentuate your waist by simply putting a slim belt. This will help accentuate your body at the same time make the dress more form-fitting without tailoring. You can simply use a slim belt, a very thin scarf or a ribbon. You can look for the second most dominating color in your dress to match the color of your belt so that there`s  a smaller gap in the balancing of the distribution of colors in your over-all look.

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4.) Cohesiveness and Simplicity is Key

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A prom dress doesn`t need to be very extravagant. You can still pull off a simple and one color dress beautifully with your grace and poise. A simple dress can help highlight more of your beauty because it`s not too flashy and dominating for your over-all look. If you want a simple yet stylish dress, you can try looking for dresses that has a unique cut, silhouette, and form.

Dresses that are simple, unpretentious and easy on the eyes can give you a classy and timeless look. Outfits that have clashing accessories may be annoying to look at. If you want to wear gold earrings, your necklace and other accessories must also be gold or have some gold color. Making sure that your earrings, necklace, watch, other jewelry, accessories and shoes match well together with your dress will give you a cohesive look that`s easy on the eyes.

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5.) Comfortable Shoes is Significant
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During prom, you`ll usually be going around meeting people, talking to friends, and dancing. This is why wearing a pair of comfortable shoes is significant. Having comfortable shoes all night will aid you in making the most out of the event because you`re not thinking or worrying about the difficulties of walking and dancing. 

There are many high-heeled shoes that are easy on the feet. Choose a pair of shoes with a heel height you`re at ease using for hours. If you`re not used to walking in heels, shoes with 2-2 1/2 inches heel height are not as difficult to use. Also, make sure that your footwear has enough allowance in size so that your feet won`t hurt when you use it. Don`t get a shoe size you normally would in flat shoes.

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Choosing the appropriate jewelry according to your bone structure, face shape, hairstyle, personality and prom dress, having a form-fitting dress by accentuating the waist, being cohesive and simple with your clothing and accessories, and choosing comfortable shoes might help you to accessorize or modify the over-all look of your prom outfit based on your style.

Remember: Prom is simply a social event in high school. Your dress and accessories are important for this event. However, what really matters is the inner beauty that resides within you. Genuine care, compassion and love for others will make you more beautiful than any accessory or dress you wear.

How do you like to change your outfit looks with accessories? You may share your thoughts in the comments` section below.

If you have any other comments, suggestions, requests, and/or questions, you may also leave them in the comments` section below. Thank you.

Have a blessed and beautiful day!

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