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Monday, January 8, 2018

4 Classically Beautiful Wedding Dresses to Pass On

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4 Classically Beautiful Wedding Dresses to Pass On | Article by +The Graceful Mist (

June to October is usually the peak season of wedding events. Weddings usually entail long preparations for the motif, flowers, decorations, venue, food, guest list, bridesmaids' and groomsmen's attire, the groom's attire, and the bride's gown.

Besides the groom, the bride is usually the center of attention especially on that awaited moment of her walking down the aisle with her father ready to pass her to her groom. Since the bride is one of the central attractions of a wedding, many guests will also put their focus on her overall appearance like with how her hair, make-up, and gown look.

The bride's wedding dress is not just a simple clothing, it's a symbolic and significant dress that will represent her old and single life, and her new and married life. A wedding dress can give one so many memories especially because it can be passed on to the fiancee of a woman's son or to her own daughter.

Passing wedding dresses from generation to generation can be a wonderful tradition a family can do to pass memories and legacy. Most importantly, this kind of tradition will help couples save money on a dress a bride needs to wear only once.

Here are 4 relatively inexpensive and classically beautiful styles of wedding dresses a bride can later pass on to her daughter-in-law or daughter:

1.) Simple Knee-Length Wedding Dress

"4 Classically Beautiful Wedding Dresses to Pass On" | Vintage 1950`s Scalloped-Edge Short Tulle Wedding Dress with Lace from DressyWomen | Article by +The Graceful Mist (

A simple knee-length dress is great for civil, summer, and small weddings. A short sleeved and knee-length wedding dress with intricate designs, lace, and A-line silhouette is beautiful, minimalistic, and practical. This type of dress can even be used for other semi-formal occasions.

This style of dress can symbolize the beauty of practicality, minimalism, and modesty. This is a wonderful style of dress a woman can pass on to her daughter or daughter-in-law along with its sincere symbolizations.

2.) Mermaid Wedding Dress

"4 Classically Beautiful Wedding Dresses to Pass On" | Delicate Long Bateau Mermaid Wedding Dress Bridal Gown with Long Sleeves from DressyWomen | Article by +The Graceful Mist (

A mermaid wedding dress is a majestic way to celebrate the beauty of love, family, and marriage. A wedding dress with a mermaid silhouette will complement the beauty of a woman`s form celebrating her womanhood.

A mermaid wedding dress which is slightly long can symbolize the transformation of a young lady turning into a married woman. It can also symbolize the femininity of a woman, especially to her husband. 

3.) Big Wedding Ball Gown

"4 Classically Beautiful Wedding Dresses to Pass On" | Ball Gown Bateau Half Sleeves Chapel Train Lace Wedding Dress from DressyWomen | Article by +The Graceful Mist (

A big ball gown for the bride is a majestic way to attend a wedding. A wedding ball gown with intricate lace, poufy tulle, and beautiful design will make the wedding day even more extravagant and special. This type of wedding gown is grand which can signify the important decision of getting married.

A wedding ball gown can symbolize prosperity. This type of wedding dress can be passed on to a daughter or daughter-in-law to bless a future wedding the legacy of living with abundance, blessings, and generosity.

4.) Beautiful 3/4 Long Sleeved Gown

"4 Classically Beautiful Wedding Dresses to Pass On" | A-Line Round Neck 3/4 Sleeves Open Back Wedding Dress with Appliques from DressyWomen | Article by +The Graceful Mist (

A white long-sleeved wedding dress is a classically beautiful style of gown a bride can both wear and later pass on to her descendants. This type of wedding dress is uncomplicated, clean, minimalistic quite modest, and also practical.

This type of wedding dress is a timeless piece which can symbolize longevity, minimalism, practicality, and sincerity. This can be passed on with the subtle message of legacy to live a simple, practical, sincere, and blessed married life.

There are many cheap bridal dresses that can be found online and in physical stores. Having the tradition of passing one`s wedding dress to a descendant can help a couple allocate their money to their other necessities especially when they`re starting a family. A wedding dress doesn`t need to be expensive. No matter what kind of wedding dress you choose, what matters the most is the authenticity, sincerity, and purpose of the occasion.

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If you are about to get married, or when you get married in the future, which type of wedding dress would you like to wear? I would probably want to wear the long-sleeved wedding dress because of its modest and minimalist design, and symbolization. How about you? You may share your thoughts in the comments` section below.

Also, if you have other comments, requests, suggestions, and/or questions, you may leave them in the comments` section below as well.

Thank you for reading. Have a blessed and beautiful life!

Disclaimer: This post was written in cooperation with Dressy Women. All opinions in this blog post were written with utmost honesty and sincerity. 

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