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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Grace's Open Book: Hopefully Content

Grace`s Open Book (The Graceful Mist Online Diary) - Hopefully Content (written by Kathryn Grace) - - Top Lifestyle Blog and Website in Metro Manila, Philippines - Filipina Blogger
Grace`s Open Book: Hopefully Content

She strolls around, wandering through the chaos that surrounds. She exhales and she inhales, over and over. Her heart beats.

Her eyes open and close. They blink through the hiatus. All her eyes see are the blurry lines. Droplets of sighs made their way into the confines of her lonely heart.

The wheels around her merrily go round and round yet the stirs of her heart wearily beat and beat.

She continuously looks at the sky, hopefully to fly yet she can never bid goodbye.

Her mind wanders, eyes roll from the left to right, and body moves mindlessly. Over the years, her entire being seemed to have become friendless.

She sees the confident smiles and laughs of those around her, and she wonders if those are profound. If they are, why does she often need to lay around and be cast down?  Does she not deserve to be profoundly happy too?

She thinks and thinks. Her lonely being is cooped up and tucked in within her own being. Will she be able to let a foot out for once?

She seemed to have misjudged the situation. She`s a mere lonely lady. Her loneliness has swept her away from the reality. Her own little world is her safety zone, and her dream world. The realities of life seemed to be nothing but a blur of fantasies. She now believes her fantasies to be the realities.

One by one. Just maybe. She will be able to accept and live the realities of life not just mere fantasies of the world she has created.

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