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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Grace's Open Book: Notes of Resolution

Grace's Open Book: Notes of Resolution (by @TheGracefulMist |

When it feels like nobody understands, just know that you can just take it in. There will come a day, it'll all make sense without the need for explanation. Nobody knows and walks your journey better than you do anyway.

When it feels like nobody cares about your feelings and well-being, just know that it's alright. Just feel all the emotions you need to cope, heal, and stand up with your own feet to live again.

When it feels like nobody notices you, just know that all is well. You don't need their attention anyway. The right kind of attention will shine upon you at the right time for the best reasons.

When people insult you, just know that it reflects who they are. People who are insulting and disrespectful lacks the respect they subconsciously want so they insult others to feel respected.

When people compare you to someone who they think is better, just know that they're trying to put you down. People who put others down do it because they wouldn't have any other way to feel superior.

When they don't love you back, just know that you don't need their affection. The right people will give you the sincerest love you need in your life.

Despite knowing all these, please stand firm and let the God of this Universe take over your life and write your success story. Endure it all, make the most out of this life and be the lady you ought to be!

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