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Monday, October 12, 2015

Personal Reminders: A Message Before 18

"Dear 17 year old self,

The Graceful Mist - A Message before 18 (Read at

You`re about to turn 18 in less than an hour. Before you reach the considered age of majority, please know that despite reaching legal adulthood, you shouldn`t lose the innocence of the child within you. Adulthood is not the part of life wherein one loses the innocence and purity of a child, it`s merely a part of life wherein one acquires heavier and more serious set of obligations and responsibilities which entails survival.

Keep learning, pursuing, and loving life. Just because life doesn`t require all fun and games from you doesn`t mean you can`t have joy. Joy comes from being able to feel contentment despite life`s struggles. Some people might dislike you and some may take interest in you, whichever, know that the one you must please the most is the highest being above.

People will often have a different say on different things. Despite this, look through the bigger picture when you view the world with tremendous curiosity. Little things may come in the way but always remember that life is more than just bits and pieces.

Take great care of yourself. There`s only a single you and you can`t get a replacement. Take care of your health, mind, soul, and heart. When you are uncertain, believe in facts rather than the changing feelings of a confused teenager.

Always remember the wisdom and knowledge you`ve encountered and known along your journey. Take your time in thinking through your life`s unresolved obstacles. Don`t rush things for temporary happiness. Always do things with eternal value to please an eternal being. Live life with faith, hope, and love."

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