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Friday, January 11, 2019

Useful Tips to Help You Plan Your Own Wedding Party

Hello Ladies!

Useful Tips to Help You Plan Your Own Wedding Party | (Mixed Farm Chairs - White)

If you are planning to host your own wedding party, you would probably engage a wedding planner or you would want to do your own planning. Planning a grand wedding party is not easy. A wedding planner will be the best choice to get things organized because of their expertise and experience in wedding planning. If you are hosting a simple wedding party, you probably wouldn’t want to hire a wedding planner.

Planning even a simple wedding party can be overwhelming especially if you have no prior experience or exposure in pre-wedding planning. As a first timer, you wouldn’t know where to start or how to go about getting things organized but there is always a starting point to gain experience. If you have friends or relatives who have had experience in planning their own wedding, you could discuss your event with them. They could help you with good suggestions and points that you would never have thought of.

Once the wedding date is fixed, you will need to book your priest or someone special to officiate the wedding. Book early to ensure that they will be available on that special date. You will also need to book your bridesmaids.

Work out the budget. List out the things that you will be spending on and the estimate amount needed. At least you will roughly know how much you will need or willing to spend on your wedding. With the rough estimate, try to keep within the budget and allowing some extras for unforeseen expenditure. The next thing is coming up with the guest list. With the guest list, you will know roughly what type of place to rent in San Francisco. When the place is booked, the next thing is to look for wedding rentals in San Francisco and compare their prices.

Sadie Table - White Washed Wood

The selection of table rentals for the wedding reception has to depend on the space of the venue.
If there is ample space, then round tables will be the best choice. If the venue is a small one, then you will have to consider the square or rectangular tables. Rectangular tables can be joined to make long rows and take up less floor space.

Parisian Chairs 

Next, check out the types and price of the chairs for rent. For a simple wedding, there is no need to rent expensive chairs. Select tables and chairs that can be used for both the wedding ceremony and the reception to cut cost of renting separate sets of tables and chairs. Decide and book early if the rental is reasonable to avoid disappointment.

How will you plan your dream wedding with you significant other?

If you have any comments, suggestions, requests, and/or questions, you may leave them in the comments' section below.

Have a blessed and beautiful wedding!

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