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Friday, January 25, 2019

Grace's Open Book: Though Her Heart is Aching

Grace's Open Book: Though Her Heart is Aching (An open book by Kathryn Grace of - Top lifestyle blog/website in Metro Manila, Philippines
Grace's Open Book: Though Her Heart is Aching

She smiles though her heart is aching. She loves though she feels unloved. She cares though she feels like nobody cares.

She looks at the sky and she's grateful. Atleast she has that One who actually cares. She wishes she can really feel His loving arms around her right now. But for now, she's contented to keep her palms together.

She senses her surroundings; boys playing chess, ladies having a good chat, and co workers talking about their love lives. All of these she can sense, but all she can feel is her heart that's beating painfully.

She looks at her pretty planner and thinks of the plans she had before this seemingly perpetual pain. How lovely will it be to go back before all of this barbarism fell down on her boiling heart.

Her body is being whipped with a mysterious air she can't seem to grasp. Her body is trembling with the coldness of the night, the coldness of the world, and the coldness of his heart. It's a good thing she's used to being hurt because what she's feeling right now is more than the loneliness she's used to.

She doesn't worry though. Everything will be alright. This sadness, stress and suffering she's feeling? They will all pass by like the bad air circulating right now. Just like the depression, dispiritedness and distress she used to always feel. Despite the loneliness, they will all pass.

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