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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

BDJ Women`s Summit 2017 | Women Can. Women Will.: My 5 Significant Realizations about Life and Women

Hello Graceful Girls!

BDJ Women`s Summit 2017 | Women Can. Women Will.: My 5 Significant Realizations about Women  (by @TheGracefulMist |
BDJ Women`s Summit 2017 | Women Can. Women Will.: My 5 Significant Realizations about Women 

On March 25, 2017, Viviamo! Inc. held the second BDJ Women`s Summit. It was an educating yet enjoyable event. They featured inspiring and encouraging keynote and guest speakers which gave light about how we can be empowered in today`s world.

BDJ Women`s Summit 2017 Women Can. Women Will. - Samsung Haul at SM Aura - March 25, 2017 - Events - Lifestyle Blogger - (Image by @TheGracefulMist
BDJ Women`s Summit 2017: Women Can. Women Will.
The talks were divided into 4 parts with 3 plenaries for the guest speakers and a segment for the keynote speaker. The 3 plenaries` topics are "Unleashing the Power Within," "Make it Big with Something Small," and "Be the Driving Force to Positive Change."

This was the first time I ever attended a Belle De Jour event. I have always wanted to attend their events but I was often hesitant because I`m mostly be going alone if I ever attended. Even though the ticket was personally quite expensive for me, knowing that the ticket sales will go to charity, I finally bought mine. It was worth the money because it was a new experience for me at the same time I acquired inspirational messages from people who are at the top of their games. I`ll be sharing with you 5 of some of the significant realizations I had from this women`s summit that made a mark in my being:

1.) The visions placed in our hearts are meant to be fulfilled.

There are many times I often became skeptical about the dreams and goals I have. It`s even very difficult to tell my dreams and goals to other people because I risk being discouraged or ridiculed. However, I`ve learned that our dreams, goals, and visions were not put in our hearts based on our capabilities and resources. God put these visions in our hearts because He intends to fulfill them.

Don`t be ashamed of dreaming big especially because of what other people say. If I have a dream, by God`s blessing and grace, I simply have to be faithful and give my all. I believe that all that I aspire for will come true.

"If God has placed a dream in your heart, it is with the intent to fulfill it." - Ms. Jodi Sta. Maria, Filipino actress, International Emmy Awards Nominee and Mother

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2.) Live in the Present

I often like to be practical. I don`t like to use my best items or show the best of me simply because the best seems to be for only the best occasions. However, when I`m not absolutely accurate about what`s going to happen in the future, how can I be confident that I can use my best at the "right" moment?

Many times, the "right" moment is now. When I was in my last year in highschool, my teacher in Physics used to often say that we should always do things now because we might not have the chance to do it tomorrow. It`s a simple yet very powerful message. A lot of us take for granted the day we had been given thinking we still have tomorrow. In reality, we have no absolute guarantees if we're still going to live tomorrow.

I`ve learned not to hold back but live with steadfast faith, prayerfully living the time I`m being given. Living in the present means valuing my time and making the most of it, giving my all, and faithfully and prayerfully doing what I ought to do with the visions I had been blessed with.

3.) Women Play a Greater Role than What the World Sees

The most common tasks people would say regarding women are cooking, cleaning the house and taking care of the family. However, the world tend to often fail in realizing that behind seemingly simple tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the family are the caring, loving and nurturing thoughts and acts women put in these tasks.

Behind every meal made eaten by her family is a woman who carefully planned and picked the ingredients. Behind every sweep of the floor, wash of the dishes, wipe of the walls and arrangement of furniture is a woman who thinks about the comfort of her family. Behind every reprimand she gives her children or support she shows her husband is a woman who longs for the success of her family even if it compromises her own career.

Women are often greatly misunderstood. Women are emotional beings who, despite being confused at times by their own selves, deep down longs for the welfare and betterment of her loved ones.

"I think being a woman by itself, the very fact that you`re a woman is a gift of God which all of us must appreciate. The origin of a child is a mother and is a woman and a woman is the one who shares love and who shares and shows a man what love, caring, sharing is all about. That is the essence of a woman." - Ms. Sushimita Sen, Miss India and Miss Universe 1994, her answer to the final question "What, for you, is the essence of being a woman?"

4.) A Woman`s Body is a Temple

 Many times, girls and women are being teased for being "maarte" (Translation: Filipino word for "picky" or can also be "high maintenance"). Attending this event made me realize that it`s okay to take care of myself well. I`ve learned that being careful about the things I consume and use for my skin and body isn`t really being "maarte." Doing so is simply valuing the body I had been blessed with. 

Loving our bodies is a sign that we appreciate what we have. Taking care of our body, health and skin, choosing products thoroughly and using our "temple" properly, not disrespecting it, isn't being "maarte." As long as it`s not borderline excessive consumerism or being materialistic, we should do our best to take care of ourselves. Putting high value in regards to our body is showing respect to the One who created it and appreciating our mothers` care in giving us a life. 

5.) Being Feminine isn`t "Weak"

The world often see women who are very feminine as "weak" or incapable. Feminine women can often be but not limited to being gentle, modest, reserved and speaking softly. In the physical aspect, the term "femininity" can widely vary. However, a lot of people often consider women who dress "girly" such as wearing dainty dresses and cute clothes as feminine.

There`s more to what meets the eye. Being feminine isn`t a sign of weakness. It`s another form of mask that can be hiding dreams, determination, and diligence. Femininity should be celebrated, encouraged and uplifted. 

A woman doesn`t need to act "like a man." Women don`t need to emulate what most men do to simply show they`re strong. Women are strong in their own feminine way. The strength of men and women can be shown in different yet great ways.

"In a gentle way, you can shake the world." - Mahatma Gandhi, Leader of Indian Independence Movement, Known for "Passive Resistance"

These are simply some of the realizations I pondered on after attending the BDJ Women`s Summit 2017. Hearing more about the journeys of the guest speakers motivated me to overcome my fears, do better and reach for my dreams.

What do you think is the essence of being a woman? How can women be empowered? You may share your thoughts in the comments` section below.

Have a blessed and beautiful day!

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