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Friday, October 28, 2016

5 Life Lessons from Descendants of the Sun

5 Life Lessons from Descendants of the Sun by @TheGracefulMist (
5 Life Lessons from Descendants of the Sun by @TheGracefulMist (

It has been a little more than 8 months since the first airing of Descendants of the Sun in South Korea. However, the hype and love for this k-drama has not died down. Social media posts about this TV show continues to appear in timelines. If we carefully watch it with observant eyes, we`ll be able to realize great lessons from the show we can apply in our lives:

1.) You can find happiness in every dilemma.

Whenever we face a serious situation in need of serious attention, we might find ourselves worrying, confused and anxious. However, if we divert our troubled minds and hearts to positivity, we might surprisingly find ourselves thinking better and clearer with a calm and happy demeanor. 

In Descendants of the Sun, it can be observed that Captain Yoo Si Jin (played by actor Song Jong Ki) often joked around on dire and serious situations. Such positive mindset and sense of humor can also be observed on Sergeant Staff Seo De Yeong (played by actor Jin Goo), Dr. Kang Mo Yeon (played by Song Hye Kyo) and others. When Captain Yoo Si Jin and Staff Sergeant Seo De Yeong fought a gang in episode 1, when Dr. Kang Mo Yeon visited Captain Yoo Si Jin in episode 4, when Captain and Staff Sergeant saved the construction worker in episode 8 and when Captain and Dr. Kang slowly walked through land mines in episode 9 were just some of the times characters in Descendants of the Sun showed positivity even in difficult situations. Hopefully, such perspective in life will inspire viewers to have the same outlook.

2.) Help others the way you want to be helped. 

Helping others have positive impacts for both parties. Sacrificing our own lives may be far from our ideals. However, willingly devoting ourselves to our profession, calling or purpose in life for the good and betterment of humanity and this world is the true definition of care, love, compassion and sacrifice.

The way Captain Yoo Si Jin and company risked their lives to protect Dr. Kang Mo Yeon and the medical team, at the same time the medical team exhibited tremendous courage and compassion to save President Mubarat even when a gun is pointed on them in episode 4, showed devotion in their quest to uphold their principles in life. When about half of the medical team could`ve boarded the plane to Korea right after the earthquake but didn`t knowing their medical help are needed after a shocking situation in episode 6, really shows their compassion for others.

3.) In this roller coaster called life, we encounter people we don`t expect.

The strongest bonds and relationships can occur from having to experience difficult and complicated situations. The hardships and sacrifices we experience with people will strengthen our connection with them because such difficulties test the true character of people.

In the drama, the main and supporting characters have grown close because of their experiences in Urk, Greece. Both Captain Yoo Si Jin and Dr. Kang Mo Yeon were able to understand each other better because of the dangerous situations they were placed. However, when South Korean Special Forces soldier Captain Yoo Si Jin encountered North Korean Senior Lieutenant Ahn Jung Joon as an enemy in episode 1, a host in episode 13 and eventually a friend in episode 16, this truly showed that people with great morals and convictions in life ends up doing the right thing and even helping a supposed “enemy.”

4.) Love is unconditional.

Doctors and military personnel can show the true definition of what compassion is when they`re on their own battles. Even though a lot of them are simply doing their jobs, there are also many  of them who chose their professions so they can help people. Doctors expose themselves to different diseases which makes them very physically vulnerable. On the other hand, those who are working in the military are already risking their lives with just the threats of war, terrorism and even by common criminals who have bad intentions.

In the drama, specifically episodes 6, 7 and 10, the soldiers and medical team`s compassion for people was greatly shown especially when Dr. Kang Mo Yeon and army doctor Yoon Myeong Ju was exposed to the M Type virus because of an unruly patient. When Captain Yoo Si Jin saved Dr. Kang Mo Yeon in the cliff in episode 5 and going all out to save her from the hands of her abductors, his unconditional love was greatly shown because he was willing to risk his life for her safety.

5.) Tides might roll but they`re merely obstacles if the ship is strong. 

Unexpected events might occur that can ruin relationships. However, if the relationship was founded on strong connection through trust, loyalty and faith, such events are merely chaos meant to make the relationship even stronger. Problems can either break or make a relationship. Ships built on cheap and inferior materials wouldn`t be able to withstand strong currents. However, those which were made of top quality and sturdy materials have the relatively highest chance of making through even the strongest tides. 

In the story, Sergeant Major Seo De Yong and Army Doctor Yoon Myeong-joo often broke up due to the General and army doctor`s father`s disapproval on their relationship and other personal issues. However, they held on to their beliefs and love for each other. Captain Yoo Si Jin and Dr. Kang Mo Yeon also often part ways for different reasons. However, they kept meeting each other’s paths giving them the opportunity to understand one another. These characters personal values and principles in life were the key factors which eventually helped bring them together.

All in all, behind the action and romance of Descendants of the Sun, there are life lessons we can learn and apply in our lives. The story which depicts a doctor and soldier`s relationship can really provide thought-provoking life scenarios we must take into consideration so we can also live a virtuous life with conviction.

What have you learned from Descendants of the Sun? You may share your thoughts in the comments section below. Have a blessed day. 

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