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Saturday, October 22, 2016

"The Blogger" | A Wishlist ft.

The Blogger - A WishList ft. - @TheGracefulMist - (2)

A blogger do more than simple writing. Bloggers think, formulate ideas, plan and organize them, capture images, create topics and posts, and share and promote them. Being a blogger`s one of my dreams as a young girl. Now that I`m one, I`ve realized that bloggers might need certain things to perform better.

One of the topics I write in this blog is fashion which, in a way, make me a “fashion” blogger. Being a fashion blogger entails that I must be stylish. Contrary to popular belief, “fashion bloggers” aren`t always chic, fashionable and pretty especially someone like me who`s just starting. Most bloggers have day jobs or activities besides blogging. Blogging alone can take a lot of time and effort so add in the other activities bloggers do for a living, it can be quite stressful and exhausting which leaves little to no time for self-primping. On that note, I`ve compiled a few items to complete a blogger`s look which will help bloggers like me to look more presentable.

"The Blogger" | A Wishlist featuring (
"The Blogger" | A Wishlist featuring DressLily

This look is specifically for bloggers like me who likes to write and work outside at coffee, tea or milk tea shops. However, this outfit can also really work for those who simply want to work outside whether you`re a freelancer or student. "The Blogger" outfit is a look one might see on casual or street fashion. For some reason, fashion bloggers tend to like wearing big eyeglasses. Since I already wear big prescription eyeglasses, I didn`t include one in this outfit.

The bag is appropriate because it can fit 14 inches laptop. Whenever I write and blog outside, I often bring my 14 inches Lenovo laptop and its charger, planner, writing materials, essentials bag, wallet and other things. The bag look sturdy and big enough to fit most of my needs.

Whenever I go outside, I used to have no problems dressing in an old and simple shirt, pants and shoes. However, now that I`ve grown older, I`ve also grown to realize that putting myself together and looking presentable can really give a boost of confidence not only mentally but also physically. Looking well and proper can also boost my motivation to work harder on my blog. With that said, dressing casually and comfortably stylish is an ideal I`m working on hence the outfit I put together.

The top is quite basic but it`s light, long-sleeved and v-necked. Staying at an air-conditioned cafe for hours might give us a cold so the beanie and long-sleeves top might help prevent that. The black shoes looks comfortable at the same time it provides a boost of height. Its versatility makes it a great piece. The black pants and black shoes can create an illusion of longer legs. I normally don`t like small wallets because I prefer not to fold bills. However, since I often bring my laptop, the bag can be quite heavy. Small wallets tend to be lighter so I chose one that can also keep many cards. The watch is pretty which matches the outfit quite well.

All in all, this outfit`s very simple yet versatile, comfortable and wearable. This is great for bloggers, students, freelancers or just girls who want to do tasks in a milk tea shop or cafe. 

Do you also like to work and do tasks outside? Where`s your favorite spot? What do you think of the items above? You may share your thoughts in the comments section below. Have a beautiful and blessed day!

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